Removing hard water spots from outside windows.

How do I remove hard water spots from outside windows caused by water sprinklers?

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  • Use the same spray bottle you would use in the bathroom, something that removes ca deposits.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 25, 2017
    make a mixture of white vinegar and water 50/50 add a dab of dish soap and a dab of jet dry
  • Melody Carter Melody Carter on Jun 26, 2017
    Our glass shower doors can get a terrible build up of mineral deposits after just a couple showers. I use CLR and Magic Eraser to remove them. I pour a small amount into a container then dip the Magic Eraser into the solution. This should work on your outside windows. I wear rubber gloves, CLR is strong and it is used full strength. You should also need to rinse and dry.
  • Jackie Jackie on Jun 26, 2017
    Just straight vinegar should work. Soak a cloth and start dabbing and wiping, or put it n a spray bottle.
  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jun 26, 2017
    Vinegar worked for me!
  • MsL7556155 MsL7556155 on Jun 26, 2017
    Use newspaper instead of cloth and paper towels. Vinegar should work. Use ful
  • Florent Florent on Jun 26, 2017
    Nothing more efficient than vinegar + newspaper
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