Howto correct a newer patio that does not direct water away from door?

Older patio did the same. When originally built, the patio was not dug down deep enough (I guess) to allow for sufficient drop to divert water away from the family room door (which is built on a slab). Company who put new patio in is now out of business (surprise!). There is a drainage groove (not sure the correct name) by the door, but even if we are fanatical about keeping it clean, it does not drain the water that collects by the door. We covered the wood stoop with a sealer to protect it, but would like to get the water away from the door. We tried using a water absorbing strip, but then we couldn't get the door open! Help! This is the door for the dogs to go outside! (All the other areas of the patio drain properly!)

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  • Without having a picture, it is hard to help with this. I would feel better if we could see a picture and then advise. My initial reaction to this question was to hire another company to come in and redo it, but if it is something you could do yourself that would be much better.
  • Ok, here is an idea, rent a concrete saw and cut the concrete back a foot from the door. Remove the concrete and dig down as far as you can go and fill with stone (the bigger 1 inch diameter type).

  • Cin21825342 Cin21825342 on Jun 26, 2017
    There are companies that can come out and inject a substance underneath the slab to raise it and slope it away from the door.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 26, 2017
    Where is all this water coming from? You could put a french drain in front of the patio to redirect the water elsewhere. You could also check how your gutters are working, do you need to move the downspout further away, or add an extension to direct the water further away from the house. Here in Oregon due to the high rainfall, we add pipe to the bottom of downspouts and dig them in underground to get the water away from our foundations. On the side where the driveway is, I added extensions (18") and granite spillways to the edge of the driveway that prevented pooling water.
  • Norris720 Norris720 on Jun 26, 2017
    Kay Babuder Van HoHometalker - GREAT answers above, first clean the, drainage groove and on a dry day take the water hose and find out why it is not draining properly. YOU may have to put in a weeping drain near the door to direct water away from the house and door.
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