Get Amazingly Elegant Decor—using 9 Bright Green Pool Noodles

8 Hours

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Pool noodles are sold everywhere now that it's summer and depending where you shop, you can purchase them for only $1. Here is a unique idea to make a decorative stone column using those inexpensive pool noodles.
Along with 9 pool noodles, you will also need an 8" concrete form, duct tape, caulk, contact cement, spray paint and two pieces of 12"x12" wood.

Begin by cutting six of your pool noodles in half lengthwise. Watch what I do in the video to see the best way to do this while keeping your cuts straight.
Lay one cut pool noodle on the concrete form, curving it around. Draw a line along the edge of the pool noodle. This will give you a starting point when you apply the noodles to the cement form.
Brush each cut side of the pool noodles with contact cement, then brush the entire cement form with contact cement. Allow both to dry at least 4 hours.
When they are dry, they will not feel sticky; however, as you can see in the video, they will stick to each other. Using the marker line, lay your first noodle along that line on the cement form. Lay the cut noodles, cut side down, side by side, spiraling around the cement form.

To make the round ends, bend an uncut noodle around the bottom of the cement form. Cut the noodle ends until it fits snugly around the cement form. Duct tape the ends of the uncut noodle together. Place the rings onto the ends of the column. Attach them to the wood pieces with contact cement.
Apply caulk all over the entire column to seal the creases. In the video, you can really see how smoothing everything over with caulk gives you that elegant result. Next, apply texture spray onto the column, then cover the whole thing in primer and rock texture spray paint.
How elegant is that? And who would ever believe that it’s made with pool noodles?!

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