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Get Gorgeous Privacy—without Closing Your Blinds

2 Materials
1 Hour

Do you have windows or doors in your home that you want to make a little more private? I have two glass doors that lead into our backyard - the only problem? They also lead my neighbors eyes into my home. To fix it, I came up with a simple faux frosted glass trick that is tasteful and completely removable!
get gorgeous privacy without closing your blinds
First, take out your tape measure or ruler and measure the glass surface area that you will be covering.
Once you have your dimensions, decide what shape or pattern you'd like to create for your frosted glass pieces. The simple shape I chose (which you can see in the video) was simple to cut and line-up accurately. Lay out your contact adhesive paper and cut your shapes out quickly by following the guidelines.
After cleaning your window with glass cleaner, begin applying your contact paper pieces. I advise working from the bottom up if you are covering a large-scale door or window. In the video, you can see how simple it was to get the design I wanted. Using a steady hand and a careful eye, peel off the backing of your contact paper and stick your pieces on one-by-one, lining them up as you go.

Isn’t that perfect? And look how much sun is still streaming in. This quick privacy hack really saved me, and it only cost $8! And it will fit nicely with your already superb DIY home decor!

Suggested materials:

  • Glass Cleaner
  • Contact Paper

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