Living in Florida, how can I have nice window treatments?

The sun destroys fabric drapes after a few years and blinds are dust catchers and my cat thinks they were made for her to play with. I really want attractive window treatments but am having a hard time with this.

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  • Lora Lora on Jun 26, 2017
    Shade screens on the outside help.
  • C. D. Scallan C. D. Scallan on Jun 26, 2017
    Have you considered plantation shutters?
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jun 26, 2017
    I use a Bamboo curtain you can roll up to cover the large bay window I have in my living room. It mutes the sun enough to not interfere with the TV that is on the wall across from the window. I also have a blind behind it that is solid to help with any sun that wants to get through, you could do that and the cat will not be able to play with it. The bamboo is very durable and I have had mine for almost 18 years.
  • Molly Anmar Molly Anmar on Jun 26, 2017
    If you prefer fabric window coverings, consider a liner with UV protection for your drapes. A blackout lining provides complete UV protection and allows you to put the fabric of your choice on top. Interlinings can also offer blackout qualities and come in a variety of thicknesses and compositions. There are also thermal-backed fabrics and draperies available that will accomplish the same task. For maximum UV protection, consider layering a blackout lining behind a thermal-backed fabric drapery on two separate traversing rods. This combination will offer three light-control options and maximum UV ray protection.

    You can also apply protective reflective window film. The bonus for the window film is that it will reflect heat back outside and help reduce your cooling bills.

  • Susan Susan on Jun 26, 2017
    Have you considered any of the window films? (a LOT of them are put up just using static cling - no glue needed) - then you can just have curtains and the sun won't destroy them.
    • Tammy Rish Tammy Rish on Jun 26, 2017
      Thank you. We did try that on one room. They were just very unattractive and they began to peel off after a short while. As far as the foam back insulated drapes, they were in our house when we bought it. They had dry rotted and the insulation was sheeting off. Those drapes are so heavy and old-fashioned in regards to patterns. As much as I dislike them , I may have to make a move toward vertical blinds.

  • Same thing where I live. Many people here have vertical blinds installed in the window box to block the heat and sun and then decorative curtains and drapes. I do double rods, with sheers underneath and curtains. Works well for me. But I only purchase washable fabrics and never spend much money on them. I was lucky on a couple windows and found crushed voile sheers for $5 per panel at Big Lots. Thought they would be substandard quality - but have been up for several years already.
  • Donna D Meadows Donna D Meadows on Jun 26, 2017
    You could get some really nice curtains which cover only the sides of the windows. Then you could get some fabric with UV protection and make a curtain or curtains for the actual windows. If you make them to roll up, you can have them up or down as needed for privacy. I did this for my niece and the curtains look really good!
  • Hea26094011 Hea26094011 on Jun 26, 2017
    Black out roller shades. Easy to install, inexpensive. Pull them down during sunny parts of the day. The price you pay for lovely sunny days...sun rot.
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