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Hi there! In the summer time, I often find myself doing DIY projects for fun whether it is to spice up my room, create decorations for a summer party, or anything else! Today, I'll be showing you two different easy and cheap DIY's that are super fun to make during the summer time!
For this first project, you are going to need a cork board of any size of your choice along with some photos. I printed these summer photos off of Tumblr with some photo paper so that they were glossy. I printed out 12 photos in total.
Next, you will need some push pins of your choice.
Begin placing the photos onto the cork board and seal them in with a push pin! Super simple, right?!
I scattered mine around and used a variety of coloured push pins. This DIY is super simple and you can hang it up in your room to add more colour and summer vibes! There you go- your own DIY summer inspiration board!
This next project is perfect for those hot summer days! All you will need are scissors, 3-6 sponges (depending on how many water sponges you want to make - 3 makes 1, 6 makes 2). You will also need 1-2 hair elastics, again, depending on how many you want to make.
Next, begin cutting one sponge into 3 vertical strips and do the same for the other 2 sponges.
Remember - they do not have to be cut perfectly.
Next, place the three sliced sponges on top of one another and grab a hair tie and tie it around the sponges once.
Now, tie the hair tie around a second time to ensure that the sponges are tightly packed together.
Begin spreading apart the individual sponge pieces so that it it adds more of a 3D effect.
They should end up looking somewhat like this. Now, all you have to do is dunk them in water during a summer party, water fight, or anything of that matter and throw them at people! Since sponges absorb water really well, it is a perfect touch to add to a summer day with your friends or family. There you go- a neat way to have some more fun at a water fight!
Here is my video on some other cool summer DIY projects including the ones shown in this post. If you aren't into DIYing as much, I also have some fun activity ideas!

Suggested materials:

  • Cork board - $3  (Dollar store)
  • Pictures - free  (Photo paper stored at home)
  • Pushpins - $3  (Dollar store)
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  • Kmd.bush
    on Jul 9, 2017

    great idea! we've never been able to have balloon fights because of our dog (you never know, eating the plastic bits) so my daughter and i will have a blast with these... thanks!!
  • Ida Mae Kittrell
    on Jul 23, 2017

    loved it'sThe sponges the little ones
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