Need help choosing a paint color for my exterior home

i would like to paint my brick home , need help in choosing a paint color. Getting new window and would like to see a change .
q need help choosing a paint color for my exterior home
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  • Shoshana Shoshana on Jun 28, 2017
    I vote for painting it white. With black or beige trimming.
  • Dhyan Skinner Dhyan Skinner on Jun 28, 2017
    What color are your new windows? I would use a muted green and allow the trim and plantings for great pops of color.
  • Chel Wahl Chel Wahl on Jun 28, 2017
    light gray with darker trim maybe google Fixer upper photos

  • Tina Cherapan Eisenhart Tina Cherapan Eisenhart on Jun 28, 2017
    the brick looks nice I would just paint the trim and Shutters in the white or a cream....Brick is beautiful as natural.
    • Sally Wiese Sally Wiese on Jun 29, 2017
      WELL HOORAY!!!!! I would leave the brick alone too. Why would you want the mess and not like the outcome?? Go to the paint store and get small samples of different colors for the trim and shutters. There are samples at some stores..not a lot of paint but enough to try and see how it looks. Let the brick alone. Brick is beautiful!!
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 28, 2017
    I would recommend a taupe color to blend with the roof.
  • Johnchip Johnchip on Jun 28, 2017
    I have been in love all my life with 'white washed' brick homes. They have a patina of a history of elegance and the gardens around them take on a sophisticated accent to the home. Then I would choose a more pastel satin shade of trim like a dove grey, not much 'gloss or color'.
  • Elizabeth Dion Elizabeth Dion on Jun 28, 2017
    I suggest a white or cream color with black shutters and a aqua front door.
  • Tessamos Tessamos on Jun 28, 2017
    My stucco house is white with blue shutters ,& I love it. My neighbor's house is a medium brown, with a different blue trim, & I love that, so I can't advise on color. It's just a matter of taste. Something to consider though, is that brick needs to breathe to work properly. I don't know if there are special paints that allow for this, but I would do some investigating before painting.
  • B J  Alexis B J Alexis on Jun 28, 2017
    Get rid of the black, use a teal on the trim and shutters and one shade darker of the teal for the front door.
  • Leonard Krell Leonard Krell on Jun 28, 2017
    You are better to Power Wash it , will look like new ,not good to paint brick, takes away value
  • Eileen Eileen on Jun 28, 2017
    I agree with the other comments, power wash all the brick as it makes it look new again. I would paint all the trim and doors your favorite color. Mine would be a grey blue. It is just stunning that color. Go to a paint store and get some swatches and bring them home and try to picture your house in the colors. Lovely house by the way. Let us know what you decide.
  • Ruth Ollis Ruth Ollis on Jun 28, 2017
    I would paint the Brick and all trim White. then the Shutters paint Black. Paint the Front Door a Vibrant color, such as Red or Fuchsia or striking!!!!

  • Sandy Sandy on Jun 28, 2017
    I would suggest driving around and looking at houses that have your color of brick. You might see something you like and colors you don't like! Don't paint the brick!
  • Mary mary Mary mary on Jun 28, 2017
    I WOULDN'T paint, it'll B an upkeep, either chipping/soiling. Just paint trim, preferable light colors
  • Mary mary Mary mary on Jun 28, 2017
    Looks fine the way it is. U know what they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it, leave well alone.
  • Brenda Brenda on Jun 28, 2017
    Light gray with dark gray shutters and burgundy front door
  • Cindy Cindy on Jun 28, 2017
    Make sure whatever you do that it will work your roof color!
  • Pat Pat on Jun 28, 2017
    Blanca, I know that you live in a hot climate, and the problem that you'll have with ANY paint is that in time it is going to flake and peel off. Your house is lovely, but if it was me, I believe, I'd get rid of the black/brown and white trim, and paint all that with a nice pinky beige color, that is lighter than, but blends in with the existing brick. You'll be happier, I think, in the long run. A Floridian who's been there!
  • Karen Durante Karen Durante on Jun 28, 2017
    My husband is a bricklayer and has said it is not good to paint brick. However if you do, be sure to buy good quality paint for brick.
  • Martha Earles Martha Earles on Jun 28, 2017
    in a hot climate you only need to really clean your brick really really good and any wood can be painted and color but I would only paint my favorite color on the opinion ,but let me ask you one question, what did you see or like about the house when you first saw drove up to it to look at ? go with the thought

  • Mary Thorne Mary Thorne on Jun 28, 2017
    I would do a "whitewash" on the brick to lighten it up. Maybe paint the shutters darker.

  • Texann Texann on Jun 28, 2017
    Take a look at this house. They did a technique called the german smear on the brick. I've never done it but you could check into it. It's an alternative to painting but some of the brick still shows through. It really gave the house a fresh new look. Good luck!

  • Gail Gail on Jun 28, 2017
    I agree, leave brick alone except for power wash. Wood & other painted areas, I would suggest a 3 color scheme - cream color that blends with brick colors & looks good. For a mid color, a medium pinkish mauve, & for accent a cranberry or burgundy that coordinates with the mid color. Paint door & facia cranberry & other areas cream & mid colors.

    Get some markers or colored pencils & play around with those colors on paper in a similar design as your house til you find what you like best. Most of all, use colors that coordinate & compliment each other with the brick & roof.

    Should you ever wish to sell, you may not want to have to repaint the brick & all trim for buyers in order to effect a sale, that could get expensive quick.
  • Claire Amirault Claire Amirault on Jun 28, 2017
    Down the road I think you'll wish you never painted that brick. Instead, make those changes with painting the trim. Etc. a color that you love...
  • Criehl Criehl on Jun 28, 2017
    Married to a bricklayer for many years, painting brick is a sin!!!!!
  • Laura Laura on Jun 28, 2017
    Sage Green for the wood in peaks, don't paint the brick. White trim, with dark forest shutters. You need white trim 2x6 in the peak on the left side to mimic the horizontal and vertical beams and windows in other peak.. paint the front door sage also, so that it stands out.
  • Bonnie Bowness Bonnie Bowness on Jun 29, 2017
    Hi Blanca, I totally agree with Laura. . You cant go wrong with Sage Green. She said exactly what I would do except the dark green shutters. I would do sage also. I really love the earthy color. The brick is beautiful the way it is. Sage matches all the trees flowers and all Gods outdoor creations .It is also classy and very calming. You have such a beautiful piece of property and I would love to see it kept as natural as can be. Natural is beautiful with everything don't you agree. Your landscaping is so sweet it would look so nice with that gorgeous color. If I could, I would come and paint it for you, just so you could see how beautiful it would be. All the best to you from Ontario Canada. Cheers ah!
  • Shansmow Shansmow on Jun 29, 2017
    Hi Blanca. I had a complete remodel done on an old brick house which consisted of new windows, etc. Because of the new windows and a change to the design of the house I HAD to paint the brick because the new brick didn't match the old. With all that being said I opted to a light grey (because I had a new metal roof installed which was black) and so far it's been doing well. The only downside is the red clay staining the lighter colored brick.

    I agree with the others in not painting the brick unless you have to. Your brick is beautiful and you can get a lot of pop with painting the shutters, trim, etc. Your brick matches nicely with your shingles as it is.

    Good luck!
  • Tami Stone Tami Stone on Jul 03, 2017
    My neighbor just recently painted her brick house a light to medium grey with the shutters around windows painted black. It looks great! I'll recommend that