Decking paint or stain

Our decks have begun to fade terribly. The guy at Sherwin Williams said that for a contractor build the stain has lasted well for this area since it has been over 3 years. We get lots of sun and live in the rainiest city in the continental US. Will need to cover the existing medium brown stain. Had planned to buy some dock and deck paint, but the reviews were not that good. Any suggestions? I am approaching age 65 and the longer it can last the better!

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  • William William on Jun 28, 2017
    He is right! Stain generally last 3 to 4 years. Paint would definitely crack and peel based on your weather conditions. What I would suggest get the best deck stain and stain your deck. Then about a week or so later put down some Thompson's Water Seal over the deck stain for added protection.

  • William William on Jun 28, 2017
    I have done this on my fence. Some of the stain will get absorbed into the wood and some will stay on the surface. The color should not be uneven but blended. I used a roller to apply the stain and used a 4" brush to smooth it out.

  • Rita Rita on Jun 29, 2017
    ugh I feel your pain! Just did our huge deck. I'm 63 with 6 herniated disks. Do not use Olympic stain ! It is horrible! Before I used Baer Premium and it covered better and lasted 5 years. Use or rent a power washer to get all of your old stain off. Make sure u try to use close to your old color if u can't get the old stain off. And a roller w long screw in stick works better than those pad roll on things. They do not cover well , get into the cracks and fall apart easy. Good luck!

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    • Dianne Mosser Dianne Mosser on Jun 29, 2017
      I agree Olympic stain is HORRIBLE. We put it on our deck and it started peeling the next year. I called the company and they said I put it on too thick. Which I know for sure that it did not. I finally ended up getting a composite deck put in. I am sending out the word to all I can do not use OLYMPIC STAIN!! I am glad someone else is against it! Have a great summer!

  • Ellis Ellis on Jun 30, 2017
    We like the Behr Premium from Home Depot, too.