Asked on Jun 28, 2017

Any ideas on updating this carport?

PenarddanSandyGigi Turner


A couple of the supports are not straight like these. (Someone pulling into the driveway while not entirely sober, maybe?) All I can think of is ivy to hide them but one side is shady and the other is sunny.
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  • Janet Pizaro
    Janet Pizaro
    on Jun 28, 2017

    Climbing hydrangea will work in both lighting conditions
    • Sherry
      on Jun 28, 2017

      Thanks! We have some in a sunny part of the yard, but I'm not sure it would get enough sun on the shady side of the carport. That side is almost always in shade. But thanks for the suggestion!
  • Gigi Turner
    Gigi Turner
    on Jun 28, 2017

    This may not be what you are looking for, but this is what I a doing to my ugly carport. Yours is a work of art compared to my old posted scary place. There is a discount store here that sells packs of bed sheets for $4 for queen sets.
    Last year I used laundry line , but it sagged so this year I want to hang rods from the back and side of the carport. (Will try to post picture if I succeed) I bought 3 sets of a light tan to cream color. Odd color so no wonder it was discounted. I washed all the sets.
    Then I took the elastic out of the fitted sheets and hemmed them kind of neatly on three side. On the top I hemmed and made a pocket to put my rope through it. (poles will fit, too) On the flat sheets I just made a pole pocket on the top since they were already hemmed. Once they had become "curtain panels" I threaded the wash line through the tops. This is where it gets a bit iffy thus why using poles or rods this year.
    Put strong hooks in the wood about 5.5 ft apart from the back of your carport next to the house to the corner post. And then around to the open side. Tie one end of the line around your first hook and slide one sheet panel toward the tied end. Pull the line tight and tie it around the next hook. Not super pretty to knot, but it can be covered with tree lights later, Slide 2nd panel down the line to your 2nd hook tie and tie to 3rd...then slide and hook, slide and hook,
    Now you have your curtained in little tent. The breeze can blow the panels separately and you can bunch them up and use pull backs to open up full area.
    Does this make sense? I may need to put some pictures up or you may think this is way off. Who knows.
    Pillow cases. Since they were a light color they make great bed pillow liners or protectors.
    • Sherry
      on Jun 28, 2017

      Thanks! I think I get the gist, but I would need to put it all on the outside of the carport in order to hide the supports, I think. I'm picturing yours going inside the supports so that the rods are hidden. If my supports weren't the problem, that would definitely be something I would try. Sounds cute! Thanks again.
  • Sandy
    on Jun 28, 2017

    what if you boxed them in with wood?
    • Sherry
      on Jun 28, 2017

      Thanks for your reply. I think that would look great. I thought about just bolting two boards together on either side of them, but one of the supports is severely bent, so I would have to have really wide boards. Guess we could have some plywood cut to the right width. Thanks again for taking the time to help out!
  • Penarddan
    on Mar 12, 2021

    People involved in wildlife removal will also be able to secure the place so they don't get there.

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