15 Incredible Crate Projects That You Can Do On A Time Crunch

Don't got time to waste doing woodwork that can last days? Try out these easy crate projects instead!

By Hometalk Highlights

Build The Perfect Bench In 60 Seconds

Set your cups out in the pattern and place the crates out evenly.

Stack Crates For A Storage Shelf

Coat the crates in Danish Oil and apply wood glue to attach the crates together.

Have A Spinning Body Sized Mirror

Screw in the Lazy Susan hardware, drill the crates together, and use a super glue to hang the mirror.

Kick Up Your Heels On A Footstool

Screw the legs into holes drilled in the corner of the crate and use a glue gun to adhere fabric.

Use Your Wine Crate As A Nightstand

Decoupage the inside of the crate with decorative paper, and screw in the hairpin legs.

Keep Items Safe In A Locker

Begin by painting the crates with your choice of color, then screw in a small metal door.

Put Your Mail In A Mini Holder

Sand down the crate, brush on with decor paint, and distress by wiping with a wash cloth.

Enjoy A Movable Storage Unit

Mix chalk paint with regular acrylic paint for a rustic look, then screw on the caster wheels.

Sit On A Bench With Wheels

Attach your castor wheels to the stair tread and apply wood to the bottom of each crate.

Relax On A Pullout Ottoman

Measure the height of the chair you want the ottoman to go under, and remove the excess wood using a saw.

Tuck Your Books In A Shelf

Saw each crate in half, sand down, and drill 2 holes on each side to pull the rope through.

Pack Tools Away In A Toolbox

Saw individual pieces of wood through the center and hammer in 30mm nails.

Keep Pets Close With A Nightstand Bed

Staple ¼” plywood on the bottom of a simple drawer frame and paint white.

Put SPiT On Your Crates

Cut shelves halfway, lightly sand, and apply the Unicorn SPiT.

Fill Fruit In Decorative Pallet Crate

Tape wax paper down on regular printing paper to get your image of choice, then rub down the wax paper to transfer.