Instant Cloche From Extra Solar Light Parts!

I recently posted a Mason Jar Patriotic Phrase Display. Using only the solar lit top, I was left with a stake and a glass globe. I thought I could use that globe for a bell jar.
Time: 5 MinutesCost: $0Difficulty: Easy
The little glass globe was just the right size for a petite cloche or bell jar.
Used mainly for decoration now, in the Victorian times bell jars were used to start seeds or protect seedlings before transplanting.
On closer inspection, I noticed a screw which was holding the piece which connected the stake. Remove this screw to detach the plastic piece.
This left a small hole on top of the cloche perfect for a small knob. I didn't have anything I particularly cared for except some diamond gem stones. Using E-6000 I glued one stone to the cloche inserting the sharp diamond point into the hole and letting it dry overnight.
Here the cloche is ready for display. I had 3 cloches left from my patriotic post but I honestly could not remove the screw from the 3rd one. I stripped the screw I worked on it so hard! The first two were easy.
Use your Cloche in some decorative way. Setting them on a small plate with a flower or a small picture is one way they can be used. And it was basically free as it was extra.

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Extra glass globes from solar lights  (Had them)
  • Screwdriver to remove screw  (Had)
  • Glass diamond gems  (Had)
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