15 Loving Repurpose Projects Your Family Can Do For Birds

Recycle common household items to make something special for your feathered friends!

By Hometalk Highlights

Use A Bucket For A Strawberry Accented Home

Attach leg bracket to the bottom of the bucket and fill with faux strawberries around the inside of the bucket.

Make A Birdbath Of CDs

Smash unused CDs in a tote bag and adhere to a Terra Cotta plate with Liquid Nails.

Transform A Wine Bottle Into A Feeder

Take pliers and coil the top of the copper wire and wrap several times around the bottle.

Give The Birds A Home With Bottle Caps

Stain down the surface of the wood and adhere the bottle caps with stones for accent.

Turn A Soda Can Into A Hummingbird Feeder

Cut off the cover of the seasoning container, poke a hole through the soda bottle top, and add fake flowers.

Cut A Carton Of Juice Into A Beautiful Feeder

Outline the shape you want to cut into the carton, cut out, and decorate.

Repurpose A Teapot Into A House For The Birds

Hammer a nail through teapot into a tree and attach L brackets.

Fill Spakle Around A Pan For A Bath

Place the pot on top of the column, fill spakle into the gaps to steady the pan, and spray paint.

Reuse Broken China For A Mosaic House

Position the broken china pieces on the house and spread grout to keep the pieces in place.

Transform Your Vase Into A Lovely Bath

Adhere blue gems to the bottom of a dish with silicone, and secure the dish on the opening of the vase with silicone.

Reuse A Tiered Stand As A Feeder

Twist apart the original stand and rearrange with the larger plate at the top.

Make A Bird Feeder Out Of Candle Holders

Use a drill hammer to chip out the wood inside of the holders and paint over with a metallic copper shade.

Thread A Snow Saucer To Stop Squirrels

Cut out a 3 feet diameter disk out of pressboard, then drill a hole into the pressboard and snow saucer.

Roll Toilet Paper Rolls In Bird Feed

Slice slits into the paper roll, then spread with a thin coat of honey and roll in birdseed.

Stack A Bowl With Food For Your Birds

Use silicone to adhere a metal grilling skewer to the bottom of the dish, put the stake into the ground, and place the bowl on top.