Is it possible to change this faucet without removing the tiles?

This is our 30 year old jacuzzi tub, I don't really like the tiles but I can learn to live with them. Would a plumber be able to replace the faucet which is also 30 years old without damaging them? Replacing tiles and tub is not a priority and something that I can afford right now. Just want to give it a little bling with a new tap. Thanks in advance.
q is it possible to change this faucet without removing the tiles
q is it possible to change this faucet without removing the tiles
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  • Just Retired Just Retired on Jul 01, 2017
    Unless the front of the tub has some hind of removabte panel I'm afraid you will need to remove those tiles and replace when you are done. Hopefully you have extra tiles
    • 4554290 4554290 on Jul 01, 2017
      Unfortunately, there is no removable panel. The previous homeowners didn't leave us any extra tiles either. Thanks for the advice.
  • Michele Pappagallo Michele Pappagallo on Jul 01, 2017
    Your plumber should be able to easily replace that faucet without damaging your tiles because the faucet is mounted onto the tub surface...not through the tiles. He would simply remove the old faucet and install the new one....never touching the tiles at all. This is assuming you want the new faucet mounted in the same place as the old faucet.
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    • 4554290 4554290 on Jul 01, 2017
      Hi Michele, I hope that it's as easy as that for the plumber to do. Thanks for the information.
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 01, 2017
    There should be a way to get to the faucet and the plumbing. I know our coat closet in the living room butts up to the end of the tub area in the bathroom and the opening is in the side of the closet. This is so you don't have to remove parts of the walls or tiles to get to it in case you need to replace or repair pipes or hardware.
    • 4554290 4554290 on Jul 01, 2017
      Hi Nancy,
      The faucet is on the outside wall on the far right. There is a closet but it's on the opposite side of the tub. I don't think that it can be accessed that easily. Thanks for your reply.
  • B. Enne B. Enne on Jul 01, 2017
    Yes it's true that the faucet is not on the tile, but I think her question refers to whether the faucet needs to be accessed from underneath, which would mean breaking through the tile. Some faucets can only be worked on from underneath.

    Do you have a closet behind the tub, or as a last resort a drywalled wall? It may be easier to cut out the drywall, than re-tile. We had to do that to access our pump. We simply put a register over the hole.

    I found a forum that addresses your question. Maybe it will help. If you know the model of faucet, that may give you the answer as well.

  • Chuck Little Chuck Little on Jul 01, 2017
    Yes cutting a hole through the drywall in the room that backs up to this. If it is a closet, just put a piece of painted quarter inch hardboard over the hole. If it is a real visible place like bedroom, then hire a drywaller to refinish it, if you aren't that handy. Not much effort at all.
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