Can u wash throw pillows in washer?

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  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Jul 03, 2017
    That depends on what the pillow is made of. First, take the cover off it is removable and wash according to the directions on the tag. If it doesn't have a tag, hand wash and hang to dry. DON'T wash the pillow itself-- it may ruin the stuffing. Instead, put it in the dryer with a scented dryer sheet and set it in the lowest setting to fluff.
  • Kcama Kcama on Jul 03, 2017
    It all depends on the outside material, any decoration, and the stuffing. Do you still have the tags that were on it? If you're not sure what the stuffing is, you might open a discreet seam and check it out. Unless you know what you're dealing with, I'd use upholstery cleaner like Woolite.
  • Brenda Brenda on Jul 03, 2017
    It depends on the materials. I put mine in on a gentle cycle, cold water. If possible I let them air dry outdoors then give a bit of a tumble on the delicate cycle in the dryer.
  • I do, but you should read the tags first to see if they are washable. If so, toss them in, do not overcrowd, wash in cold water on gentle or delicate cycle. Toss in dryer, also on gentle or delicate cycle for 15 or 20 minutes and then pat back into shape and let air dry the rest of the way on towels.
  • It depends on the fabric and fill content. Most modern poly fabrics and fills can be safely washed on gentle in cold water and dried on low heat or air dried. Silks, wools, and some cottons may be better off being spot cleaned. Avoid washing the stuffing if possible; if it not, dry it in the dryer with some clean tennis balls to help even out the stuffing. Feather pillows can absolutely be machine washed and dried- I've done it many times. Use the tennis ball trick to dry them, and make sure they are completely dry before reusing.
  • Just Retired Just Retired on Jul 03, 2017
    As above, it depends on the material content. With that said, mine are a patterned silk with feather inserts. I simply take the inserts out, wash the coverings, and just fluff a bit in the dryer. Then i hang them to dry completely and just touch up with an iron.
  • Kimberly Montgomery Kimberly Montgomery on Jul 03, 2017
    Unless the pillow tag says otherwise, I have washed mine in the washer on the delicate cycle. Depending on how dirty, you will need to run at least 2 times
  • Charles Charles on Jul 03, 2017
    Yes, IF you have one of the phony "My Pillows", that Mike sells on TV.
  • Karen Karen on Jul 03, 2017
    I do...then I pop them in the dryer!!
  • Susan Susan on Jul 03, 2017
    Dry cleaning dryer sheets work also when your not sure of the content.
  • Nancy Nancy on Jul 04, 2017
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  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Jul 04, 2017
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