10 Lovely Ways Decorate Those Plain Tea Towels You Have

Goodbye ugly towels, hello pretty towels with these perfect tea towel projects!

By Hometalk Highlights

Slice Open A Potato For Stamp Printing

Cut in half, put in desired shape cookie cutter, place in ink, and stamp.

Spray Shaving Cream For Marbled Towels

Spread shaving cream all over a cookie pan, squirt acrylic paint of choice, and press a white napkin into the mix.

Scribble On A Recipe For A Vintage Look

Take a picture of the recipe card, scan onto the computer, and use a photo transfer to press onto the blank napkin.

Cut In A Pattern For A Custom Print

Draw or put the stencil of your design onto freezer paper, place it centered then iron on, and finally paint.

Let Your Paint Streak For An Artsy Feel

Wash and prep the napkins before painting, then dip your paint coated brush in water before painting the napkins.

Press In Your Thumb For A Cookie Print

Choose a quote you love to write out on the napkin, then dip your thumb in brown paint and draw the chips.

Chop up A Lemon For A Stamped Design

Cut a lemon in half, paint over the lemon with paint, and simply stamp down.

Tie Dye With Rit For Summertime Fun

Tie up small rocks inside of the napkin, twist, and let soak in dye.

Screen Print For Custom Florals

Cut out your design on a Silhouette Cameo, place screen print on top of the flour sack where you want the design,

Iron On Beautiful Designs With Cricut

Use an iron to press the foil into the napkin and remove Cricut excess foil carefully.