21 Quick And Easy Rug Ideas To Brighten Up Your Space

Do these quick and unique rug projects to liven up your home!

By Hometalk Highlights

Adhere a Colorful Shower Curtain Onto a Rug

Measure the curtain to the size of the rug, and adhere with spray on glue.

Spray Paint A Rubber Mat

Choose a bright color to spray paint the mat, then go over and sand it once it is dry to distress.

Fluff Pom Poms Into a Rug

Cut the shape of the rug, wrap yarn several times into a ball, and tie on the poms to the mat.

Roll Rope and Spandex for Your Floor

Coil plain rope using hot glue along the way and weave spandex throughout.

Use Fairy Lights in Your Rug

Crochet with fabric yarn and insert the lights inside the middle as you crochet.

Color With Sharpies for a Lovely Look

Paint over your rug with a solid colored base, add painter’s tape as a guideline, and trace your shapes.

Decorate Your Patio With a Custom Rug

Trace a bowl out on cardboard, cut it out, and paint in the outline.

Trim up a Blanket for a Cozy Decoration

Slice up two blankets, braid together, and hot glue around the strips.

Knot T-Shirts Together for a Washable Rug

Tie a knot of 4 strands of t-shirt yarn, braid them, and loop them inside of each other.

Paint Your Rug to Look Like West Elm

Center your template for the rug with painter’s tape and paint around the edges with a bright turquoise color.

Turn Old Clothing Into a Braided Rug

Brag about how you made them yourself! Braided rugs are extremely fun to have, especially when you can!

Try a Traditional Rag Rug With Fabric Scraps

Call your kids to help you- the most fun project to be doing together

Use a Hula Hoop to Make a T-Shirt Rug

Grab all your old colorful T-shirts you have at home

Wrap Jute Into a Spiral Rug

Throw away your old carpet - and make room for the next one

Crochet a Cute Design for Your Floor

The cutest rug you'll ever had!

Make an Inexpensive Fur Rug

Get ready for the winter with this cosy soft rug

Spray Paint a Cheap Drop Cloth

Turn your plain rug into a colorful one

Paint a Kitchen Floor Cloth

Find out how she did this! You'll never believe how...

Make Your Own Rag Rug From Scrap Fabrics

Create your own durable, cozy and handmade rug

Paint a Faux Rag Rug Onto a Wood Floor

Draw colored lines on your floor to create a rug look. (Thrifty Rebel Vintage)