Asked on Jul 5, 2017

How can I take the smell of dog urine out of the carpet?

JudyAngie WaldnerHillela G.


I have a female dog that seems to mark my sons room and sometimes the bed too. Any advice would be appreciated as to how I can wash and get rid of the smell that they leave so that they don't come back to the same spot.
I mark beds and carpets even though I am female

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  • Janet Pizaro
    Janet Pizaro
    on Jul 5, 2017

    Use Natures miracle available at pet stores.
  • 2dogal
    on Jul 5, 2017

    You need to train your dog not to pee anyplace except outside. There are many reasons for this - one may be a health issue, so a trip to the vet is advised. Natures Miracle is a good product to use, although I've found the stain can reappear later.
  • 2dogal
    on Jul 5, 2017

    That article covers a lot.
    I'd be concerned that it is a health issue - from bad teeth to cancer - so I'd take the dog to the vet before I tried anything that just covers the smell.
  • Fiddledd224
    on Jul 5, 2017

    After you remove as much as you can with club soda, let it dry. I swear by Arm & Hammer's Carpet Fresh for Pets. Smells great and works well. I get mine at the dollar store.
  • Hillela G.
    Hillela G.
    on Jul 5, 2017

    Baking soda will absorb the smell!
  • Angie Waldner
    Angie Waldner
    on Jul 5, 2017

    All good advice for others. I use vinegar Blot up all you can . then over spray with vinegar ,so it gets into the pad .I know it will sting like vinegar ,just go away let it dry and no more smell when it is dry. You my have to do it twice to get the rug pad well. treated The dog will avoided this area. So put a puddle pad down some place you have control of ,so if the dog can't get out to go, at least you pick the spot Not the dog. I have a 2oz spray bottle I fill it 3/4 full of tap water then add mint oil to the water 3 drops. put the spray top on the bottle look at the bottle you will see the oil will sit on the water ,shake it up, when the rug is dry spray that over the area. I keep that spray to use on my dogs before we get in the car or take them to the vet or visit some one. The dog's smell clean and fresh and your car won't stink of dog. DON'T SPRAY the face of the dog ,Just from the back of the head down the body .You will find thing that bite your dog will not like that smell on your dog. I spray my garbage can and garbage disposal and inside a stinky dishwasher with this mix You will always need to shake the mint oil water bottle before you use it ,the oil and water won't stay mixed.Grandma Angie
    • Lolita
      on Jun 30, 2020

      Training your dog is the only long-term solution, OP.

      I love my dog so much but it constantly did the things that irked me most. It would chew on things that it shouldn’t or jump up and down out of the blue. Whenever I put on the leash, it would pull on it. Whenever it was out of the house, it would continue digging on the ground - I wish I could tell what it was looking for down there. The same goes for all the nasty urine.

      All the things it did left me feeling depressed as if I failed it monumentally.

      But since I discovered Brain Training for Dogs and applied the system offered, it now behaves the way a beautiful dog I always expect of.

  • Judy
    on Dec 2, 2019

    Sorry for chiming in a bit late to the discussion, but I really feel like I need to add my 2 cents.

    I know how frustrating it must be for you if you have a dog that just won’t learn how to potty outside. You’ve probably tried all sorts of training techniques that you found online or in a book at the library and nothing worked. At least, that’s what happened to me...

    Me and my hubby were able to find a solution and I’ll always be thankful that we did, because since then we have had no problem teaching my foster dogs where to potty – and I can do it within a couple of days.

    I now recommend it to everyone because it works so freakin' well and we save SOO much money!

    Don't waste time sister! The more times your dog goes to the bathroom inside your home the harder it will be to break him of this habit.

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    No I have not been paid for this post nor do I make any commissions off of it. I really just want to help you guys out. I hope you don't mind.

    I'm based in Sweden, by the way, so you should be able to get it too.

    Good luck with the odor and the stains! It really lowers your quality of life, doesn't it?

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