Why don't our DIY projects turn out right? We follow the directions.

When we follow the directions our projects just don't look the same. How many do you guys trash before one comes out exactly right??

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  • Chris Chris on Jul 05, 2017
    In 1968, there was an idea to put aluminum foil on your walls like wallpaper-what a mess and ugly. I few other things did not work out as planned--and every year my garden never reaches it potential. Just go with the flow, have fun and lower your expectations. I don't usually redo a project that I'm working on, just go in a different direction so get the thing I want. My abstract paintings sometimes are just ugly. Be flexible.
  • Kim Kim on Jul 05, 2017
    Brucelapinsky is right! We are all our own worst critic! Every project you do that presents a problem is a chance to learn a new skill or strategy. Enjoy the ride! Be proud of your work. It is part of you and believe it or not, someday the Grandkids will be fighting over one of the things you want to trash!
    : )
  • Dfm Dfm on Jul 05, 2017
    I've occasionally taken the project posted and googled it. if i'm not sure of the directions...i run a prototype- similar materials just smaller.

    there are times when describing a "how to" project i think i'm putting into to much detail..... but then.....i remember when i was learning the steps...and a few pieces were left out.
  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 06, 2017
    I never copy someone elses project but rather use it as inspiration to try something new in design or materials used. Then I make it my own by doing my own thing.... this way you're unique, creative and subsequently rarely disappointed.
  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jul 06, 2017
    Very few DIYers list every step, mistake, failure, and change of plans along the way. I appreciate those who do. If this person forgot to stir the paint in the can, then if I do it, too, I'll be okay. Better yet, I'll be warned not to do that. Bless you 😇
  • C. D. Scallan C. D. Scallan on Jul 06, 2017
    DIY has a huge learning curve . I messed up sooooo many, and still do. But in doing so I learn what not to do next time . I have developed new techniques .
    I like to think of it like Babe Ruth striking out twice as much as he hit home runs (I think I heard that once) but when he hit a home run , he hit way out of the park ! That's most of my projects go, out of park or complete disaster lol.
    Keep trying ! It's all about the fun of doing it anyway and practice makes perfect !
  • Susan Eason Susan Eason on Jul 06, 2017
    Thanks guys and girls! I keep plugging on!
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