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Temporary No Sew Curtain

My french doors in our family room let in a lot of light. But when it is hot outside the glare is blinding. I had this idea for quite a while and it is temporary as I will be ordering faux wood blinds for the doors that will match the window in the room.

Time: 45 Minutes Cost: $20 Difficulty: Easy
I think I have had these sheets for over 15 years! They were on sale for like $5! This isn't the first time I've used sheets to make curtains. I made some back in the late 70's for my bedroom that matched a quilt. Those had some cutting and sewing involved.
I've had these rings for years!
This project uses no thread, tape, or scissors! To create a 9 inch valance all I did was fold the sheet with right sides together down 18 inches and back up 9 inches. I used the largest hem of the sheet as the bottom of the curtain. The sides are already hemmed for you.
I used sixteen rings per curtain and spaced them about 4 inches apart.
I'm pretty pleased with how the valance worked out. My, look at that glare still getting in but not quite as bad!
Easy wash and sturdy fabric (cotton). Works for me.
While it's a bit impractical when the curtains are closed to open and close the door, they can be pushed to each side. They are mainly being used to keep out light while we are in the room and until I get the blinds. Works great for me!

Materials used for this project:

  • Two twin flat sheets   (K-mart (which is almost non existent))
  • Metal rings   (hardware store)

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