How to hang curtains without nails in wall?

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  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jul 08, 2017
    You can use those adjustable rods with a spring in them between the edges of the windows. (My mind isn't working yet this morning to give you the exact name, but I'm sure someone else will know it. )

  • Kim Kim on Jul 08, 2017
    I have my curtains up with tension rods.

  • Gracie Gracie on Jul 08, 2017
    You can use 3M hooks.

  • Ande Ande on Jul 08, 2017
    I have put Velcro on the frame and on the curtains. You won,t be able to open and close. But just attach them in a way you like. I do this to close off living areas. When I have more company than beds, and use blow up mattresses.

  • Gerald rukasin Gerald rukasin on Jul 08, 2017
    You CANNOT! You will make a total mess.
    Mask off the light fixture using Blue Tape
    and a old plastic bag, from the cleaners.
    But a SPRAY CAN OF KILZ and spray the
    area. Remember, in painting most items,
    it is 80% prep. and 20%. painting , time

  • Install curtain rods? Big Lots, Walmart, etc. all have inexpensive rods. Or if you have recessed window boxes, you can use tension rods, also readily available at many places.

  • Valerie Suell Valerie Suell on Jul 08, 2017
    Definitely tension rods

  • Janice Janice on Jan 09, 2021

    Command hooks will work great!