What are some ways to decorate my apt & stay within apt guidelines?

The apartment complex where I recently moved has strict rules about modifying the apartments. We're not allowed to paint, nail, wallpaper, or do anything that changes the basic apartment. All of our window treatments even have to be a unified white. I really want to make this apt "my own" & feel relaxed here. I'm on a very limited budget and only have 2 camping chairs for furniture (I did recently buy a new bed). Also, I'm a disabled veteran and live alone, so looking for smaller & easier projects. Thanks!!!

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  • Allison Allison on Jul 09, 2017
    First thing I would do is hit up the 'free' section of Craigslist, you will be surprised at what people will give away. Next the second hand stores and the 'oops' paint section of Lowes or Home Depot for any wooded tables you find. You can cover a wall or two with bedsheets and liquid starch (diluted 50/50 with water), just like wallpaper but easily removed with water. Or cut them into strips to make a design. Command hangers can help you get lightweight pictures on the wall without marring them. I hope you have a friend with a truck that is willing to help you get some furnishings for your place.
    • Angela Angela on Jul 10, 2017
      Thanks Allison! You have some great ideas. I forgot to mention that I am earth friendly, and don't use chemicals.

      I found a bag of Command hooks that I had bought last year. Woo hoo! I'm going to try your ideas.
  • Kim Kim on Jul 09, 2017
    Temporary decoration ideas that match your taste can come from walking Flea Markets, Yard sales, going through Craigslist, etc.

    Instead of making a focal wall with paint or paper, make the focal point something spectacular in furniture or art. You don't have to use nails to hang art, use a tall easel or use the correct command hook for the weight of your art.

    Your windows may have to have white blinds but what about sitting a similar sized window on the sill and decorating it with stained glass paint or photos or something else!
    Or- You could also buy the same sized blinds and glue fabric or contact paper on the side of each blind that will face inside.
    Or- Use double sided tape on the plastic rail of your blinds to stick velcro and sew Velcro onto some material for curtains. When you move, use WD 40 to remove glue from the tape.
    Hope that helps spark some ideas that match your taste!
    : )

    • Angela Angela on Jul 10, 2017
      Wow Kim, you are really creative and helpful! Thanks a ton! You've ignited my imagination and now I'm ready to get started.
  • Susan Savarese Susan Savarese on Jul 09, 2017
    you can hang things on your walls using the Command 3M tape thingies. They really do work. I like the idea of buying same sized maybe roman shadeswith the white facing out (which a lot do anyway) and then switching them out when you move. Rugs of course will help bring color in as well.
  • Sunny C Sunny C on Jul 09, 2017
    Hello Angela; Please visit your local Flea Markets, and Thrift Stores. You will find a Treasure trove of items that you can use in your new Home!!
    If you wish to change the looks of a Cabinet/Cabinets.
    I personally have drawn/painted pictures on a variety of things. I have hung these pictures on Kitchen Cabinets by using heavy duty tape.
    This will not mar the finish and you are making your Home, your own!!!
    I hope that this is helpful to you!!! Take Care!
  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 10, 2017
    I work with the disabled and I have gotten alot of things on www.freecycle.org, just look up your city, join, and post a Wanted: ad for what your looking for. It a free recycling program. You just need to pick it up.
    I like interesting art, so I haunt the second hand stores and pick up some interesting pieces for a couple dollar to say $10. You can hang them using Command Strips without putting a hole in the wall, then they peel right off when done.
    I think a nice bed set would be a good purchase, try www.brylanehome.com, or check out some thrift stores, our Humane Society shop gets amazing comforter sets, curtains, bedding etc.
    Some Senior and Disabled Services know where the disabled can get free furniture in the community. And St. Vincent de Paul thrift store gives grants to the disabled to shop for furniture in their stores free. Our country also gives free computers to the disabled, elderly and students from the county recycling program and they teach people to repair and upgrade them.
    Then there is the weekly curbside hunt on garbage day or the night before where people put stuff out on the curb. I usually grab chest drawers, bookshelves, bedside tables cause someone is always looking for those and they are hard to find even in thrift stores and expensive. I've got 2 bedside tables and 2 headboards in my garage right now that I am doing for a client.
  • Julies1949 Julies1949 on Jul 10, 2017
    You can hang almost anything with 3M Command strips. They have hooks too. When you move, you just pull down on the tab and it comes off easily with no damage to the wall.
    If your walls aren't too wide, you can do a feature wall by hanging curtains wall to wall on a tension rod.
  • Kim Kim on Jul 10, 2017
  • Judyms9 Judyms9 on Jul 10, 2017
    There are many types of temporary and easily removable wall paper on line.