Patio Table Lighthouse Light

You have probably seen the terracotta light houses before. I have one I made a few years back that is one of the typical large sized ones. This one is made with smaller terracotta pots and is great for a patio table light. These are really easy to make, great craft for adults and kids, and they're not very expensive. Makes a great gift idea too!

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Time: 30 MinutesCost: $4Difficulty: Easy
  • patio table lighthouse light
For this project you'll need:

3 different size terracotta pots - for mine I'll be using 3 of the smallest sized pots I could find.

Acrylic paint of your choice

Paint Brush



Solar Light
  • patio table lighthouse light
You'll paint your largest terracotta pot in a color of your choice. You can decide if you want to paint the bottom of the terracotta pot - when you stack them later you won't see this. The only one that matters is the very top one (smallest terracotta pot).
  • patio table lighthouse light
You'll paint your middle size terracotta pot again in whatever color you would like.
  • patio table lighthouse light
Lastly you'll paint the smallest terracotta pot in a color your pick. I decided to make my top and bottom terracotta pots the same color and the middle one a different color. There is not right or wrong - design it for you :)
  • patio table lighthouse light
After you have painted all 3 flower pots, let them dry completely.
  • patio table lighthouse light
Use silicone to "stick" them together. The silicone will need to dry for 24 hours to dry.
  • patio table lighthouse light
Using a sharpie (or you could use paint) make your windows on your light house.

Once windows are dry, I recommend spraying your light house with an acrylic sealer of your choice to help preserve it.
  • patio table lighthouse light
Pull the stem off your solar light. You can silicone your solar light onto the top like this. I decided to saw off the little stem at the bottom to make the solar light flat.
  • patio table lighthouse light
Once your silicone is dry, it's ready to go outside.
  • patio table lighthouse light
The more sun your solar light gets, the longer it will stay lit up in the evenings.
  • patio table lighthouse light
Here is a picture of the solar light lit up. I love my new little patio light.
  • patio table lighthouse light
I'll be making this and more things with terracotta pots on Hometalk's Facebook Live DIY - Tuesday. Aug 8th at 3pm EST.

I would love to have you subscribe to my blog to see my latest posts, projects, recipes, exclusives, and more -  Chas' Crazy Creations

Suggested materials for this project:

  • 3 different size terracotta flower pots  (Walmart)
  • Acrylic paint of your choice  (Walmart)
  • Paint Brush
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