10 Clever Ways To Put Concrete On Anything Your Heart Desires

Concrete isn't just for pavement, spread cement anywhere with these 10 creative projects!

By Hometalk Highlights

Spread Concrete On Your Countertop

Clamp down the mould, caulk the sides, and add strips of rebar to the concrete.

Coat A Leaf For A Stepping Stone

Place the veiny side of the leaf facing upwards and press cement into the leaf.

Include Concrete In A Party Bar

Attach fence pickets to the outside of the bar and affix the concrete top.

Turn On Lights In A Cement Lamp

Cut the PVC tube in half, place a water bottle into the center, and fill with cement.

Mix Up Cement For A Side Table

Slash the shape of your desired table in cardboard and after filling with cement put in dowels.

Create A Discreet Key Holding Stepping Stone

Plot out your design by filling mosaics in a cake pan, and then fill with cement.

Rest Your Drink On A Concrete Coaster

Use a plastic cup as the mold, and adhere felt onto the bottom.

Shape A Hand Candle Holder

Mix a 4 to 1 ratio of cement and water, then put cement in a rubber glove.

Get Creepy With A Concrete Skull

Drill a hole into a skull candle holder, fill skulls with cement, and tap lightly to make the concrete set

Make A $5 Plant Stand

Pour Quikcrete into a bucket half way, stick in dowels, and pull out once dry.