How to give traditional ranch exterior a mid-century vibe?

We moved into this house and are doing a lot inside to make it our own. But I am stumped about how to make the exterior feel a bit more mid-century modern. We are changing out the bay window for a bigger bow window and the door will be a Therma-Tru Pulse -- but what of the garage door? Porch? Shutters and ornamention on the right hand side? Driveway? I would love your inspirsation / pointers for other ideas!
q how to give traditional ranch exterior a mid century vibe
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jul 10, 2017
    Honestly I would change the window first and once installed see if the shutters are necessary.I would consider painting the exterior a different color than white.Sometimes minor changes are better then trying to accomplish ever thing at once and it may not be necessary.Once you have accomplished that then take your next step on the driveway and landscape.
  • Mgroshong Mgroshong on Jul 10, 2017
    Pick a beautiful color ( bright red or salmon) for your front door, change the shutter color to match the brick on your driveway. Then step back and see whatever needs to be done.
    Start little, then expand. The railings are outdated. You'll know as you move on

  • Sunny C Sunny C on Jul 10, 2017
    Hello Heather; many Congrats on your new Home Purchase!!!
    If your Lovely Home were mine, I would work on the front porch.
    Choose colors that you Love and work with them. I would purchase a bench or chairs and I would place them in front of the window or close to the railing.
    I would decide what kinds of plants and flowers that I wanted.
    Also, you can tie in the prominent color that you use for the shutters.
    Also, consider purchasing two large plants to use at the base of your stairs.
    You may also wish to make or purchase craft type items that you can use on your porch year round, that make a statement and that make you smile.
    I hope that this is helpful to you!!! Take Care!
  • Ellis Ellis on Jul 10, 2017
    I think your house looks very nice as is, and the new window and door will be great. The one thing I would add is a nice large planter in that blank place next to the steps, against the foundation. Perhaps a long rectangular box with a modern-looking trellis and grow a vining plant, or maybe a jazzy-looking mid-century style planter with a small tree. You're in California, so you've got lots of choices for plants!
  • Janet Horvath Janet Horvath on Jul 10, 2017
    I feel much of what you have is great and could easily be remedied with some simple cosmetic changes. I would start by playing up all the geometric angles of your home including the porch railing. I'd also remove the shutter(s) on the smaller window(s) and opt for a large single paned glass window across the front of the house. Working with a soft gray for the body color I would then paint the porch railing a deep charcoal or black. Color on your front door in perhaps a tangerine or mustard yellow would give a pop of color. I'd then paint the entire driveway the same gray as the house. As for the landscaping, I would create "Square islands and use more linear and "geometric" plants such as bamboo and crotons in addition to a combination of vivid and dark greens to compliment the color of your door. Good luck!!
  • Lora Lora on Jul 10, 2017
    Mid-century modern is all about straight lines and a lot of horizontal accents. I would focus on bringing in as much of that as possible. The railing needs to be more simple. Maybe some natural wood. I would lose the shutters. I would try to get horizontal line on the siding as well. Do some research on mid-century home colors. Have fun!
  • Ann Marie Ann Marie on Jul 10, 2017
    Hi Heather,
    A google search for mid-century modern home exteriors found this. Hopefully, you can get some ideas and inspiration for your home, even if you can't match these exactly. Good Luck !
  • Molly Anmar Molly Anmar on Jul 10, 2017
    I would paint the body of the house a dark gray/slate, the foundation and railings white, shutters black and the front door scarlet (or whatever bright color you or lime green also really pop against the gray),

  • Heather cochran Heather cochran on Jul 10, 2017
    You all are fantastic! Thank you so much for the ideas. I'll aim to post an "after" picture...though it may take a while! Thanks again!
  • potted plants on the lanai, large pot of tall plants by the staircase, maybe paint the base of the lanai a bright color-like the blue on the window panes.
  • Deborah Deborah on Jul 11, 2017
    Congrads on the new home! This is what I would do...the porch railings can be flanked with planks of wood and painted to whatever color you like OR it can be simply stained which will give you some texture depth along with other paintings to the walls. I would remove the iron railing on the right and replace them on the left side of steps with simple planks of wood stair railing, just for hand grips. The fence wood panels would offer you a place to hang some large modern house numbers easily seen. You have a lot of concrete going on here so the space needs a little softening. I would perhaps try painting a grey color to the house or a navy blue. Match the wood shutters to your new wood railing porch planks. Pick a color that stands out for your front door and perhaps embellish the front door frame adding crown molding to the top. To the right of the stair case that is empty, I would add a few potted plants that are a good grouping together taking one that is tall. This is the perfect place to add a little front yard welcome seating. An umbrella with seating? Finally the garage, hardware. Chunky pieces of metal see how to update garage's on pinterest. You can also add a over garage gazebo that would help soften the area. You need color but think in terms as greenery. Remember since you are on concrete planting potted plants they will quickly dry out! Terra cotta planted pots would look great on the first section of steps as step ladders. Go small first plants, etc...then let the inspiration be your guide do your research as to what works best for you. Happy new home decorating!