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Dangers of Water Seeping Into Your Home

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There are a lot of dangers associated with water seeping into your home from the outside. This could be from rainwater that finds its way into your home because the foundation either has cracks in it or the walls are not waterproof. However, rainwater that gets into your home will affect the basement more than anything else.

The water problems that cause this are due to water leaks from the pipes inside your home. What makes leaky pipes dangerous is the fact that they go undetected for quite some time. After all, the water pipes are inside your walls and underneath the ground, so you never see when they are leaking. The only time you find out is when the water has already built up to the point where it is rotting away the drywall and actually making itself visible inside the home.
dangers of water seeping into your home
By this time, the foundation of your home has already suffered lots of damage from mold and mildew, which will cost you thousands of dollars to fix. Not only that, but you are putting your own health at risk as well. Mold and mildew will increase your chances of getting a cold, allergies, flu or even asthma-like symptoms. Therefore, it is crucial to stop water from seeping into your home as quickly as possible.  You might be wondering, “How do I detect leaky pipes or seeping water if I don’t see them?” The first sign usually comes at the end of the month when you get your water bill and you owe more money than expected. This is due to the water constantly leaking from your pipes, which causes you to unexpectedly owe more money to the water company. 
dangers of water seeping into your home
Next, you will want to check for discolorations on the walls, floors and ceilings of each room. Sometimes the walls will be as soft as tissue paper, which is a clear sign of water leakage. Any room that has this much mildew will certainly have a musty smell, especially if there are drains and sewer lines under there.  The average homeowner pays around $2200 to make repairs from water damage. Sometimes a homeowner’s insurance policy will cover these costs, but not always. It is better to have a plumber inspect your home every year to make sure the pipes are not leaking. As for leakage from outside rain, you can always coat your walls with waterproofing materials to keep water from getting inside. Then you should be safe from water damage.
dangers of water seeping into your home

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