15 Lovely Valances That Will Make You Feel Accomplished

These valances are super easy to do, and they are absolutely cute!

By Hometalk Highlights

Trim A Designer Shower Curtain Valance

Snap in the tension rod, measure the length of the shower curtain for the valance, and cut the fabric.

Use A Beautiful Table Runner As A Valance

Iron down the table runner to eliminate wrinkles and thread the rod through cut outs.

Hang Linen Placemats For A Rustic Look

Sew 3 placemats together, press them, and put on ring hooks.

Make A $2 Pillowcase Into A Valance

Cut open the pillowcase lengthwise and cut into the bottom to make a fraying edging.

Secure Wood Above Your Window

Figure out the width of the window, cut 6 planks of pine wood, and use wood glue to adhere together.

Pin Foam Cornice For A Budget

Mark the styrofoam to size, join the fabric using now sew tape, and glue the foam to the rod using liquid nails.

Iron Down A Stenciled Drop Cloth

Run a double stitch up the side of the cloth, and brush over the stencil with black paint.

Staple On Folded Fabric

Snip 12 inch strips of fabric, hem the bottom under ½ inch, and staple to wood.

Hot Glue Coffee Filters For Texture

Tape 2 piece of cut foam board together, fold coffee filters in half, and hot glue till the board is full.

Stain And Drill Wood Into A Valance

Simply cut the plank of wood to size, stain, and hang with D-Rings.

Hang A Space Themed Bedskirt

Take apart the pillow shams so they lay flat, cut the bedskirt away from the deck, and sew tabs to hang.

Do No-Sew Cloth With A Faux Valance

Know the height and width of the glass door, slide the rings onto the rod, and clip on the cloth.

Have A Valance That’s Beachy

Sprinkle baking soda over the fabric the fabric to eliminate odor and stitch fringe selvage onto the bottom. (Mary

Glue Driftwood Over Your Window

Staple fabric over wood measured out, and hot glue medium then large sizes of driftwood to fill.

Design A Pattern From A Curtain

Lay plastic drop cloth over the valance to weigh it down, scallop the edges, and bind with bias.