How do i paint a dark wood stained bookcase distressed white?

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  • Diana Brewer Diana Brewer on Jul 13, 2017
    Use a paint called Bullseye sold at Lowes.It is a primer like Kilz but cheaper.It is low odor and it can be mixed with colors if you care to use on other projects that need a primer, drywall,covering stains or dark colors,etc.
    Hope that helps ☺
  • Diana Brewer Diana Brewer on Jul 13, 2017
    Oh,and if your bookshelf has laquer or shelac on it,you will need to use a sander with fine grit to rough it up so the paint will stay on.The primer should go on without the extra work. God bless.
  • Elle Fruchtman Elle Fruchtman on Jul 13, 2017
    check with a paint specialist st Lowes or Home Depot
  • Tammy Tammy on Jul 13, 2017
    I'm going to guess you're going to be using some kind of a chalk paint which has made everyone's life magical! Start by sanding the bookcase, you're not going to have to get rid of all of the stain or go down to the actual wood. I would recommend using a good blocking primer. If you skip this step you will run in to the problem of the wood resin and or stain coming through your paint. After you have primed the bookcase you can then go ahead and paint with the colors you choose. You will still be able to distress with sandpaper.
  • Kathy Inman Kathy Inman on Jul 13, 2017
    Two thin coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint. When dry lightly sand off the chalk paint in areas that would normally be worn allowing some of the original finish to show through. That is the distressing part. Seal the chalk paint with a polycrylic for nice hard finish. No sanding or stripping of original finish necessary
  • Kathy Inman Kathy Inman on Jul 14, 2017
    Glad I can help! I love chalk paint! Annie Sloan is a little expensive but it goes a long way and its worth it. It really goes on well. I just finished a long 7-drawer dresser and used less than a cup for two coats. If too thick dip your brush tips in a "little" bit, not much, of water and it will spread easier and farther. If you want an "aged" look along with your distressing you can use Annie Sloan dark wax. It will actually absorb into your paint and "stain" the paint. Deepens the look of the paint. I love using it! Not quite as durable a finish as polycrylic but it would work great for a bookcase that doesn't get heavy use. It will change the color of your paint so practice on scrap first!!!! Changed my slightly blue paint to a beautiful deep charcoal which I was going for! Fabulous!! Lightly sand your final coat of paint before applying your final finish and you will get that nice "glass" feel! Have fun!!!
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