15 Magazine Worthy Side Tables That Only Look Expensive

Have beautiful and unique side tables for less!

By Hometalk Highlights

Chop A Tree Stump Into A Table

Take the bark off the wood with a chisel and hammer, then paint the legs.

Stencil Your Side Table With A Mandala

Sand down the tops of the tables, spray the stencil with adhesive spray, paint over, and stain over the wood.

Spray Paint A Milk Can Bright Red

Spritz with a vinegar water solution, wipe off rust, spray paint bold red, and secure with brackets.

Recreate A Pottery Barn Table

Spend $40 for the wood, stain the top and wipe off with a shirt, and glue the legs together.

Stack And Repaint Windows

Put two of the farmhouse windows sideways, and leave any traces of distressing.

Brush Copper Leaf On Cement

Trace out the top of the table on cardboard, fill with cement, and brush copper leaf randomly in different spots.

Add Gray To A Dusty Side Table

Paint base of the side table with milky paint and accent the carved areas gray.

Have A Plant Stand And Table In One

Glue baskets face down to each other, remove the paper from a frame, and place on top of the adhered baskets.

Craft Sliding Barn Doors

Cut the walls of the beadboard plywood, then attach the top and bottom of the original table with nails.

For Outdoors, Tip A Planter Upside Down

Apply silicone to the overturned planters, and push a white tray into the opening of the top planter.

Drill Into Paint Buckets

Cut off the bottom of 2 plastic buckets, drill into the top faced down on wood legs.

Paint The Detailing Of A Clock

Sand off the sealant on the stool and with the gold paint brush on the clock face details.

Hold Up A Sliced Tree With Lamp Piping

Purchase a slab of mulberry off of Craigslist, use a trim router to flatten the stump, and attach the flanges.

Use A Glass Insert On Rebar Legs

Fill the concrete in layers inside of a tabletop form, and begin wet-sanding between layers.

Build An Umbrella Stand In The Side Table

Fill a large planter with cement, have the umbrella inside the planter straight, and let dry.