15 Perfect Coffee Tables You And Your Husband Can Build Together

Get the perfect coffee table, and build with your hubbie!

By Hometalk Highlights

Have A Farm Style Table From A Trough

Drill 4 holes at the bottom to attach the legs and make the wood sit flush on the top of the trough.

Saw Pallets Into A Coffee Table

Cut the pallets in half, sand the entire surface, and stain a bright blue.

Strip A Table To Design A Chiaroscuro

Apply a stripping varnish to remove the debris, then stain in the shape of the flower, and apply more stain to do detailing.

Put Nails Into Fence Boards

Remove the majority of the paint from the wood, assemble, and add huge black nail heads.

Lay Down Film For A Faux Metal Look

Connect two 11” 2X4s using a Kreg Jig, then press the steel film over the top.

Spend $55 For A Homemade Table

Use a Miter Saw to cut down the wood, build a cube base, and stain.

Affix Legs To A Window Shutter

Scrub down the shutter, use a nail gun to attach the corners, and use spindles for the legs.

Fake A Bone Inlay Tabletop

Do 150 grit with the electrical sander, sketch out motif, and fill with paint.

Join Several Crates Together

Cut a long piece of wood into 4, the begin screwing the crates together, and paint to finish.

Make A Cart Into A Rustic Table

Paint the bottom of the cart in red and frame with more pallet wood.

Chisel Bark Into A Floating Waterfall

Strengthen cracks with dovetail bowties and use an epoxy adhesive to coat the surface.

Pack On Concrete On The Top Surface

Use joinery as the base for the table and put down reinforcing metal grids to compact the concrete.

Free Hand A Flower And Stain It

Paint milk paint on the edges and legs of the table, and free hand a rose in the center of the table.

Spread Faux Marble Contact Paper

Simply spread marble contact paper on the top of the surface of the table, and smooth out the bubbles.

SPiT Sparkle On The Top

Put the Unicorn SPiT gel stain over the surface and epoxy the surface to make it shine.