15 Exquisite Ways To Show Off Your Prized Flowers

Be proud of your plants, and show them off in these different ways!

By Hometalk Highlights

Build A Box Underneath Your Window

Screw cleats into the bricks first and attach the boxes filled with soil.

Hang A Flower Box In Your Room

Use a brad nailer to connect the wood and stain with a walnut finish.

Line Your Balcony With A Pallet Wall

Turn the pallet base upside down and screw in a sub board.

Put Aluminum Foil In A Box

Cut a pegboard to fit into the box, paint, line with tin foil, and poke flowers into pegboard.

Show Off Your House Address On A Planter

Take a planter box, drill holes to thread the rope through, and hot glue on the numbers.

Wrap A Sweater On A Pot

Snip off one sleeve of the sweater, sew down the center, and use an x-acto knife to cut out the motif for the sweater.

Plant Flowers In The Gutter

Purchase 10 ‘ plastic gutters, drill in drainage holes, and plant the flowers in mixed soil.

Paint A Pineapple Onto Flower Pots

Paint the base of the terra cotta pot yellow and use a fine brush dipped in black for the pineapple detailing.

Twist A T-Shirt For A Hanger

Cut out t-shirt yarn into 16 strips and gather all stripes into a knot then braid down with a screw clamp.

Carve Into An Old Book

Glue the edges of the book together, and begin cutting deep into the center with a box cutter.

Drill Chains Into A Copper Tin

Poke 3 holes into the vessel with a drill, thread the chain through, and put in your greenery.

Trim Boxes Into A Planter

Use a table saw to cut into 4 pieces of 15Wx36L and drill in furring strips as trim.

Fill A File Cabinet With Greenery

Simply prime the surface of the cabinet and spray paint bold and vibrant colors.

Hook Plants Inside Of The Shower

Fold over fiberglass mesh, add hooks to the corner of the boxes, and gently feed the roots through the mesh.