How to get rid of snails?

The snails are in the yard, screen on the porch and on the house. Every where you walk , you're stepping on them. Help!!!

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  • Mak Mak on Jul 17, 2017
    Get chickens
  • Beckie Beckie on Jul 17, 2017
    Got This!!! Cornmeal! Sprinkle it wherever you have them-they love to eat it , even tho it will kill them! Always sprinkle it under/around your Hoyas early in the season to kill the babies emerging also!
  • Cathy Wogoman Gunther Cathy Wogoman Gunther on Jul 17, 2017
    Put out lids or pie plates, whatever and add beer to it. Snails are attracted to beer. Drink it and drown or die.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 17, 2017
    Try to put out beer in the spots you want them out of the most, like the screens and house. The more you can get rid of the less they can procreate to infest your yard. There are also killers that you could put on your lawn.
  • Vda24499092 Vda24499092 on Jul 17, 2017
    Sounds like it's more of a snail global war on your property, but if it helps, we used to put out bowls of beer and they'd crawl in, get drunk and die smiling. In the morning, we'd dump them out and do it again. It took a while, but mostly we got rid of the pests in the garden. But this sounds like a professional company might be of help. There is a product called snailall that you can put out, but you'll want to keep your pets away from it. Good luck.
  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Jul 17, 2017
    Ask a Master Gardener what you could use to repel them, but not kill them.
  • Judy Judy on Jul 17, 2017
    .Get a bottle of pop in a plastic bottle. Cut off the top of the bottle, where the curve begins, and the walls of the inside, they can't get out of./then put the top of the bottle, backwards into the bottle. . and I staple mine. More will come in, but can't leave. You can empty this as often as you choose, but staple it again, and place on the ground for "more to come on in" We have about 4 around the flower bed of the house, and to us, this is the best cure. the price is super, too!!!
  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Aug 02, 2020

    Oh dear, that sounds like a squishy mess. It might sound silly but we have a few overturned flowerpots, with a stone placed under the rim to lift them up a bit, scattered around our garden. We check them every few days for snails. They like crawling inside. Grapefruit and orange halves work too. We also try watering our garden in the morning instead of the evening. Snails and slugs like moist conditions so by watering in the morning it gives the surface soil time to dry out by the evening when snails are most active.

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