12 Super Affordable Shiplap Wall Projects To Beautify Your Home

Decorate your bland walls with these beautiful and super affordable shiplap creations!

By Hometalk Highlights

Install Shiplap On A Budget

Rip floor underlayment into 8” planks, sand down the sides of the board, and prime.

Spend $60 On Shiplap In The Dining Room

Cut all the short pieces to the same length, and make sure they are staggered in the right position.

Craft Vertical Seams For $134

Remove any fuzzed edges from the edges of the planks by sanding, and nail the planks to the studs.

Reuse Blind Slats For $10

Use a miter box and hack saw to cut down the blinds and apply to wall with adhesive.

Draw On The Wall For Faux Shiplap

Measure the length desired for the shiplap and thicken the shade lines to make the “shiplap” look real.

Redo Bathroom Shiplap For $800

Stain the wooden boards, prime with Kiltz, and paint over the boards gray. (

Build Shiplap In 2 Days For $75

Chop and nail the boards to the wall, and paint the planks a bright white.

Upgrade Your Bedrooms with $100 Shiplap

Nail the pre cut planks onto the wall, prime, then paint to finish.

Spend $25 For Painted Shiplap In The Bathroom

Paint down the base color of the wall, mark down the place of the boards, and use black paint for depth.

Hammer In Plywood Sheets For $150

Mark the studs onto the wall, use a level to make sure it is even, and continue along the wall installing.

Plan Out $200 Boards In The Bathroom

Map out how you want the shiplap wall to look, and use a table saw rip to chop down the boards to size.

Have Rustic Farmhouse Shiplap For $50

Begin by sanding down each piece, remove each outlet cover, and fill in the nail holes.