10 Hacks To Keep Pests Out Of Your Prized Garden

Keep pesky pests out of your garden with these amazing gardening tips!

By Hometalk Highlights

Spritz Hot Sauce On Plants

Pour 4 cups of water into a spray bottle, 1 tsp of soap, and 4 cups of hot sauce into the combination.

Wrap Hostas In Mesh Film

Unravel the mesh around the base of the hosta stems, and push bamboo steaks into the ground to support the mesh.

Create A Homemade Spray For Aphids

Release ladybugs or lacewings to eat the aphids or spray Dr. Bronner’s to keep pests away.

Wrap Scallions And Garlic To Keep Away Deer

Grind up garlic and scallions in a food processors, then let it soak in the food processor.

Use Peanut Butter To Get Rid Of Ants

Mix half teaspoon of boric acid, cup of peanut butter, and a half cup of sugar to sprinkle over soil bed.

Drop Essential Oils For Bugs

Mix lavender and peppermint together in a small spray bottle, and spritz over leaves and petals.

Combine Diatomaceous Earth and Neem Oil

Put diatomaceous earth, neem oil, and Bronner’s mixed together to spray around your garden bed.

Stop Rabbits With Coffee Grounds

Simply grind down the coffee, then sprinkle in your veggie patch.

Crush Eggshells To Stop Slugs

Stomp on egg shells and sprinkle them at the base of the plants to stop slugs from crawling up to eat.

Toss Irish Spring Into Your Food Processor

All you need to do is press the soap bar into the processor, and sprinkle around your yard.