I don't have a closet in the room & I'm using a clothing rack

Like I said I'm renting a room out but it doesn't have a closet so I'm using a clothes rack to hang my clothes but what are some other things I can do to hang my clothes and fold my clothes?

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  • Julies1949 Julies1949 on Jul 19, 2017
    Use 3m Command Hooks. They can be removed without damaging the walls. You can even put hem on the ceiling and use them to hang tiered baskets to hold things like belts, scarves etc.
  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Jul 19, 2017
    book cases for folding clothes; tension rods and shower curtain hooks for scarves, camisoles/tees; floating shelves for shoes/purses
  • Juy9173868 Juy9173868 on Jul 19, 2017
    Collapsible bins are great for socks and underwear. You can also get a bookshelf for sweaters, tees, and pants. Another idea is plastic under bed storage.
  • Peg Peg on Jul 19, 2017
    If you have open space below your bed you can place bins beneath there for your clothes.
  • Elizabeth Dion Elizabeth Dion on Jul 19, 2017
    How about some under bed boxes for placing folded Tshirts, sweaters, etc. Jeans/slacks can be stored in stacked milk crates.
  • Sunny C Sunny C on Jul 19, 2017
    Hello DKay; What about using inexpensive clear plastic boxes that have lids.
    That way, you can label and also you can see your clothing!
    You can also use cheap Laundry sorting baskets, and label them or else use one for socks, panties, bras, Etc.
    I hope that this helps you!! Take Care!
  • Christine Hood Christine Hood on Jul 19, 2017
    you can buy a closet type piece of furniture. IKEA has lots!
  • Lyn15291588 Lyn15291588 on Jul 19, 2017
    You can get shelf brackets that accommodate a poll. That way you get a shelf to put folded items on and a pole beneath it to hang.
  • Tina Tina on Jul 19, 2017
    milk crates, also I have seen people use copy paper boxes under tables, or even sliding them under your bed
  • Dka4775362 Dka4775362 on Jul 19, 2017
    Thank you I will try that.
  • Jason Walker Jason Walker on Jul 19, 2017
    buy a wardrobe