Easy Stained Coasters!

1 Hour

Are you a fan of fun, funky, easy décor crafts!? Then you are going to love these easy to make "Stained" Coasters! Using old bathroom tiles (the cheapies that are under a dollar at your local home store), some markers and rubbing alcohol, you can make some pretty unique coasters - great for matching decor, gifts, or parties!
Tie Dye Coasters Tutorial Materials:

• 4 White Ceramic Tiles 4″x4″

• Permanent Markers in assorted colors

• Pipette

• Rubbing Alcohol

• Mod Podge

• Foam Paint Brush
• Lay down some cardboard, newspaper or other protective material on your work surface.

• Make sure your tiles are clean by rubbing them down with alcohol.

• Let it dry before continuing.

• Using various permanent markers, color your tile with whatever design you want. The colors will eventually all run together, so keep that in mind when designing. 
• Use a pipette to drip rubbing alcohol over the tiles. You can use just a few drops, or completely cover the surface in alcohol. Just make sure that you do not apply so much rubbing alcohol that all the color runs off.

• Allow your tiles to dry completely.

• When the tiles are dry, soak your foam brush in mod podge and gently spread it across the top of the tile. Note: be careful not to press too hard.

• Allow the Mod Podge to dry completely.

• Once the tiles are dry, to prevent scratches on your furniture surfaces, apply a backing to the bottom of the tile.
• To keep the coasters looking similar, choose similar colors on every tile, even though the patterns will come out differently – unless you decide you would like your tiles to be closer in style, then try and follow the same pattern on each tile.

• This coaster craft is an easy, fun craft to make. For complete details, click the link to my blog post (below):

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