What south-central Ontario weed has roots like mini potatoes?

I live in south-central Ontario, near the city of Owen Sound. Often, when I am pulling weeds in my vegetable garden, I uncover firm, globe-shaped, white things with a couple of long roots growing out one side, and a funny little hook on the opposite side. They are about the size of a grape. They look like miniature potatoes, but there have never been any potatoes grown in the area. They must be some kind of weed root, but I have searched the internet and not seen their like. I define a weed as just a plant growing where I don't want it. Weeds I find in my garden include dandelions, wood sorrel (Yum!), white clover, crabgrass, lawn grass, thistles, and others that I don't know. This is a matter of curiosity only, but it is driving me crazy. An answer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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