Asked on Jul 21, 2017

Where does one get "Pallets"? Lots of great ideas for their use. Most

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  • Molly Anmar
    Molly Anmar
    on Jul 21, 2017

    Businesses will often offer pallets for free. You can also check Craig's List.
  • Many retailers (except where I live), give them away for free. Here is my favorite pallet site. Have fun!

  • Jewellmartin
    on Jul 21, 2017

    Walk around the back of stores, big and small. When you see some pallets, and they look abandoned (old, faded, broken slats, fallen over) go around to the store's entrance and ask the owner/manager for the pallets. Never knock on the back door because you might be mistaken for a thief. Do not ask at Walmart unless you know the manager. They recycle cardboard, wood, paper and a lot more. Best wishes 😇
  • Sunny C
    Sunny C
    on Jul 21, 2017

    Hello Mom; Most pallets are free. I have seen them everywhere, literally!!
    When you see one, stop and ask if you can have it.
    Also, you can place an ad in a small newspaper or online.
    I am sure that you will get so many responses that you will have many pallets, soon!!
    I hope that this helps you! Take Care!
  • Tammy
    on Jul 22, 2017

    Craigslist under the free section businesses are always trying to get rid of them as long as you're willing to haul them.
  • Christie
    on Jul 22, 2017

    Thanks to all.
  • Christie
    on Jul 23, 2017

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