How do you clean copper?

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  • 2dogal 2dogal on Jul 21, 2017
    There are lots of homemade remedies, but I use Wright's Copper Cream. It seems to do a better job, quicker, than any homemade recipe I've ever tried. Things don't seem to tarnish as quickly either.
  • William William on Jul 21, 2017
    Ketchup. Slather it on and let it sit for a while. Wipe off and rinse. Repeat if necessary.
  • Althea Martin Althea Martin on Jul 21, 2017
    Is been a long time since I've had any, but I gently rubbed baking soda paste (just add a little water), then rinsed. Otherwise, they sell copper cleaner @ Walmart, I think.
  • Sharon Nichols Sharon Nichols on Jul 21, 2017
    Tomato paste
  • Judy Judy on Jul 21, 2017
    Use a sos pad, and this is great. When ever you use a copper pan, do this, then it won't be such a bug task when you clean it occasionally, ok? J.
  • Amber Kenaga Amber Kenaga on Aug 05, 2017
    Thanks guys!
    • Sara Sara on Aug 05, 2017
      I would stay away from any type of metal sponge unless you don't mind scratches. . If you go to Wal-Mart, you can buy a product called Barkeepers Friend. It comes in a gold can similar to Ajax for about $2. It's a want to take and dampen a soft rag and sprinkle the powder on it and rub it until it becomes a paste. Then rub it in a circular motion on your copper and then let it dry to haze for about 5 minutes. Next, take a clean soft dry towel and wipe/buff it off. Best product I've ever used to clean copper!

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