DIY Dog House

This DIY Dog house is a fun combination of coastal chic meets industrial barn sliding door.
Time: 5 HoursCost: $300Difficulty: Medium
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We started by building the base. We wanted the dog house to have a bit of a front porch, so that was important when thinking and measuring out the house frame.
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Using a jigsaw, we cut out the holes from the plywood to create a seamless floor.
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To save time and hassle, we stained the floor before framing up the house.
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We then Framed the house and roof. There are some added braces needed for the barn door and multiple roof panels.
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Using bead board paneling, we cut the front and back first. Cutting the door opening was needed before attaching the front panel.
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We added a support beam to the roof before adding the roof panels. We used one 12 foot roof panel and cut it into smaller pieces for the roof.
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We then added the door hardware along with the door. The door piece is the cut out piece of bead board painted and glued to a larger piece of plywood. We then used a left over piece of paneling to create the "BIRDIE" sign.
Its ready for a dog bed and your favorite four legged friend.
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Our favorite part of the back yard.

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Lumber  (Home Depot)
  • Sliding Door Hardware  (National Hardware)
  • Plywood  (Home Depot)
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