I have white bedsheets, the pillow cases are yellowing.

i know its from our hair, I use bleach to brighten
them to no avail!

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  • A A on Jul 24, 2017
    Try using a bluing agent for laundry.
  • Try soaking in white vinegar instead.
  • Dfm Dfm on Jul 24, 2017
    Try a de greaser....dawn blu pre soak. Rinse and do the bluing
  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 24, 2017
    Here is a great recipe for bed linens.....I use 1/3c to 1/2c 20 Mule Team Laundry Borax to my sick clients linens all the time to rid them of stains and body proteins that yellow them. And I add 1/2 cup white vinegar to the 1st rinse.
  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 24, 2017
  • William William on Jul 24, 2017
    I use hydrogen peroxide when I wash my whites. Stronger than bleach. Bleach tends to yellow whites over time and breaks down the fibers.
  • Julies1949 Julies1949 on Jul 25, 2017
    Bleach does yellow whites. I use Oxyclean and let them soak for about 6 hours. All the yellow is gone.
  • Elizabeth Dion Elizabeth Dion on Aug 02, 2017
    Try soaking them in a bucket of water to which you have added shampoo. Shampoo is designed to remove grease from oily hair. Worth a try!
  • Emily Emily on Aug 02, 2017
    I notice this on my husband's pillow cases but not on my own. I think it is because he sweats and while he may take a shower every day, he probably should wash his hair before going to bed. I line dry my linens and I do use some bleach but they definitely are darker. Maybe change them every day?
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