How to mask beadboard? My whole upper floor including the stair well

would like to break it up, camouflage! It's all horizontal, real wood. Two bedrooms, landing and stair well. Just too much! Needs to be very budget friendly.

q how to mask beadboard my whole upper floor including the stair well
q how to mask beadboard my whole upper floor including the stair well
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  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Jul 25, 2017
    is the wood floor to ceiling or done as half wall? If it is a half wall, you could paint the walls in the bedrooms one solid colour floor to ceiling to soften the effect
  • SandyG SandyG on Jul 25, 2017
    Is that a light yellow on the walls? I was thinking more white/ blue accents in your furnishings would help break up the flow of beadboard. The dark furnishings stand out in contrast that it stops the eye. Paint your picture frames and hand white flowy drapes between doorways. Add some blue/yellow/white throw cushions. Would be more of a cottage feel. As posted above, you can paint the walls to change it up a bit.
  • Ell3471931 Ell3471931 on Jul 25, 2017
    wallpaper liner
  • Cin21825342 Cin21825342 on Jul 25, 2017
    Since I see a sewing machine in your photos you must be a creative person with a lot of fabric in your house. Why not cover parts of the wall with fabric. It won't damage the wood and can be easily changed. You could sew a hem along any edges that would be visible and simply tack it along the top and bottom pulling it smooth as you go. You can use hook-and-loop tape, also. Or, you could hang it softly like a drapery and hem the edges putting grommets along the top.
  • Linda Linda on Jul 25, 2017
    Wallpaper over it. The heavier the wallpaper the better. I did this over wood paneling and it totally transformed the room.
  • Judy Judy on Jul 25, 2017
    It's a lot of work but use spackle or wood putty to fill in the dips, sand, prime and paint. I just did my wainscoting and you can no longer see them. It will take at least two rounds of putty since it srinks some.
  • Michelle Michelle on Jul 25, 2017
    do not wall paper over this beautiful wall, paint is your best friend, like the others stated use throw pillows, nice white curtains, furniture makes it dark
  • Cacimbo Smith Cacimbo Smith on Jul 30, 2017
    Framing the existing bead board with planks dresses it up. If that is not an option I would paint white and maybe do a chair rail mural to break it up.