10 Lovely Benches You Can Build For Your Backyard (And Relax On!)

Add some comfort to your backyard with these charming benches!

By Hometalk Highlights

Build A Privacy Screen On Your Bench

Measure and cut down all the boards, carve grooves into the side, attach the seat, and paint.

Stack Pallets Down Into New Seating

Make sure the pallets are heat treated, stain walnut after screwing in, and attach fence brackets.

Use Spindles For Your Bench Legs

Cut spindles down at the size desired, screw into the bottom of the table, and brush on outdoor paint.

Construct An L-Shaped Style With Shelves

Form the frame with a Kreg Jig, notch the back posts, attach the arms with wood glue, and cut out geometric shapes.

Stencil With Chalk Paint

Tape down the floral stencil, brush over with chalk paint, and paint the detailing a bright green.

Add Extra Length For Your Wooden Bench

Pre drill the holes first, cut a diamond design in the 2X4’s, and attach the legs.

Use A Simple Bench Design In The Backyard

Sand down the board, round the edges, screw in the top plates, and leave wood unfinished.

Make A New Bench From An Old Crib

Reduce the width of the cot with a Ryobi and add L shaped brackets to support the slates.

Staple Colorful Fabric And Spray Paint

Replace the rotted wood, spray paint the metal a bright red, and staple board with fabric.

Include A Rustic HeadBoard In Your Bench

Cut the footboard in half, drill screws in at an angle, and brush on chalk paint.