The Best Wintertime Surprise!

About 3 years ago a good friend gave me these 2 begonias (very hard to tell apart) because it was fall and she had no where to put them. Being unable to turn away a plant, I adopted them and added them to my collection. They are still in the same pot and I only take them out every spring and bring then in about the 1st of November and put them in the South facing window. Nothing special to them either and they have not been fertilized or given anything special since last summer. I let my plants become root bound and find that they grow larger if I do this and contrary to popular gardening "rules" I do not regularly fertilize either.
Anyhow, my living/family room becomes a greenhouse for the winter every year and not much happens except many plants lose their leaves and show signs of unhappiness (once taken out in spring they perk right back up). Digressed again...I have never had this begonia bloom and never have I taken the time to look up its botanical name or its care instructions. I did not even know it would bloom because I have never seen this type bloom. I have had other begonias that I purchased that had beautiful blooms for great color and beauty in container gardening.
I love being surprised and learning something new. I am now going to find the name so when someone asks I can tell them.
Begonia 1
Begonia 1-this bloom has a pinkish red tone to it and is a bit larger
Begonia 1
Begonia 2-This bloom is white. Isn't the swirl in the leaves awesome??!
Begonia 2
Begonia 2
update 3/5/14
Update 3/5/14 more blooms on 2nd stem!
update 3/5/14
update: 3/5/14 I think I may try my hand at saving the blooms since it appears to be producing seeds.
The Garden Frog with C Renee
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