Living room wall ideas?

I am getting a little bored with my living room wall, however I do love my "stuff" . I like textured things, glass, metals. Any ideas on how to make it more interesting ? A little pizzaz?
q living room wall ideas, home decor, living room ideas, wall decor
q living room wall ideas, home decor, living room ideas, wall decor
q living room wall ideas, home decor, living room ideas, wall decor, With the door open from my chair tv on left little wall and at the right end of picture is the main living room wall So I don t think it looks so unbalanced from my chair But I agree adjust the mirror at least
With the door open, from my chair, tv on left little wall, and at the right end of picture is the main living room wall. So I don't think it looks so unbalanced from my chair? :) But I agree, adjust the mirror at least
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  • Your blue table is cute but it is too small for this area. I see over by your desk there is a wrought iron piece on the wall. I would bring that over to the front door and add it in the mix. I would find more pieces that you have around the house that are just onesies on the walls. Groups look so much better. I would take the cool mirror and center it on the wall and then I would flank the wrought iron piece from above the desk on the left and the leave the piece on the right where it is. Do you have another piece to go there instead of the blue table? You need a piece that would go from the edge of the door when it is open to about 6" away from the end of wall. If you had a larger table, dresser, or shelves then you could put the lamp on one end and the arrangement on the other. Since I do not know what else you have, this is all I can help with. LOL
  • Vicki K Vicki K on Feb 08, 2014
    I agree. this looks like unplanned mishmash (sorry). You def need a larger piece (console?) instead of the blue table. Pick the largest most dominant accent to go above it. Then something on each side. The flowers on the floor don't go - try curly sticks (Pier One). I like the shelf, see if you can put a "collection" on it - pitchers, shells, a small vase with one or two of the red/orange flowers. Make sure everything fits above the rug. I'd put in some woven grass/jute texture, too. Maybe you could use the lamp on your desk. It's hard to combine things - think in , out, up, down, color-coordinated, smooth, hard, texture, plants, collections, books. You have a great start!
  • Betty Betty on Feb 08, 2014
    A larger table like a sofa table that is dark with the lamp on it and a larger mirror with the red one and maybe a smaller mirror
  • Bernice H Bernice H on Feb 08, 2014
    hmm good ideas, I do have to take in consideration the heat vent right next to the flowers, I cant cover that, this is a mobile home and we need all the heat/ac we can get. There is maybe 4 inches between us and the outside. ha I used to have a taller bigger longer shelf table under there. But again the vent was a consideration. I will have to think on it, we are actually trying to get rid of stuff, sooo here I am looking at thrift places for similar pieces I had before? crazy lady! Actually it probably IS a good idea to take a picture after we do something just to see if it really looks like we had in mind. Same with clothing ! I have been ok with this for quite a while, and yes , it is the recent table that bothers me,. It IS too small. hmmm thinking thinking..
  • Jake Rothschild Jake Rothschild on Feb 08, 2014
    Collage your wall just like you are now...with even more of your stuff. I agree with the others that you need a bigger piece of furniture...something taller...even if it is a simple table you throw a cool old piece of fabric over, then place the lamp on. You are definitely on the right track.
  • Katie Katie on Feb 08, 2014
    Alternatively, you could take away ALL the items currently there and replace them with a large beautiful, colourful quilt, tapestry or painting. That would really liven up the space and eliminate both the issue of the vent and having to inevitably buy "stuff" when you are trying to de-clutter.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Feb 08, 2014
    I love my stuff too! I would suggest a wider table...some sort of buffet would be nice, even on with some storage. The a few things on the wall and a few things on the table. post photos
    • Bernice H Bernice H on Feb 09, 2014
      @Jeanette S thanks...I am really proud of my "stuff".ha The wrought iron on the right was on sale for 15 a few years ago.So was the shelf, 10, the table was 5, the leaded lamp 10, even the flowers were $1 each...the balls however , because I am a glass freak, were full price..$45 each , from glass blowers on Oregon coast.I am now having to restrain myself when we go over there. I love anything glass! mirrored shiny, and Moroccan looking! The rest of my room is in peacock colors, I posted elsewhere.Sooo I guess after getting rid of so much I will give hubs a heart attack and get more! Like a sofa table thingy.
  • Nikki Nikki on Feb 08, 2014
    I agree something taller as far as a table on that wall, but I also think maybe the red mirror could be hung above the shelf? to help define this area a little bit more instead of it being spread out on the wall, also I wonder what it might look like if the small table wasn't sitting flush against the wall but maybe coming out from the wall where your flowers are? then the vent wouldn't be blocked and you would still have a path in the door but it would make it more of an entryway sectioned off, and you could put keys etc on it when you come in? Maybe just for now until you find a larger table or what you like better? It was just a thought good luck and please keep us posted : )
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    • Bernice H Bernice H on Feb 09, 2014
      @Bernice H ok I do see at least the mirror has to be adjusted. the table was supposed to be painted black ...I ran out of juice a long time ago. :)
  • Audrey Audrey on Feb 09, 2014
    Since this is the entrance to your home I would build a storage area for keys, shoes coats etc. you can make or buy from Lowe's the wooden box shelf and build a storage seat, put the blue table over the vent next to the storage seat. I also would take up most of the rugs. shop Goodwill maybe you can find two end tables to make a bench.
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    • Bernice H Bernice H on Feb 15, 2014
      @Audrey hey...I love Hometalk..and am happy you are commenting too! yaayyy! I do like the idea of the feathers , table and a mirror behind it. but I need a lamp there too.hmmm Have to think about it. It is a dark end of the room. oh btw.(.everyone gasp here), I have 6 lamps in our living room. it is rather big and long,and I need task lighting everywhere, too many dark areas. And I like a cozy feel at night and gloomy days!
  • Renie Thompson Renie Thompson on Feb 09, 2014
    All these ideas are great! One idea that has worked for me is to gather up stuff from all over the house in a group, then pick and choose from the pile for the area to be redecorated. Doesn't cost a When decorating a wall or room, I have always heard there should be a focal point with all the decoration accenting the focal point.
    • Bernice H Bernice H on Feb 09, 2014
      @Renie Thompson Thanks! I do shop my house frequently..always moving stuff around. I know people who have the same things for decades. If I do 6 months I am doing great. :)
  • Gloria Duy Gloria Duy on Feb 09, 2014
    If you want to keep the little table there, to make it look bigger I would move the red mirror above the shelf and place the table with the lamp directly under it. Then it will all be a tall display. Eliminate the vase. It's not really big enough for the floor and is too big for the table.
    • Bernice H Bernice H on Feb 09, 2014
      @Gloria Duy should see the vase tho, it is soo gorgeous. Far off picture does not do it justice! The rest of my living room has teal peacock accessories too.
  • Glenna Glenna on Feb 09, 2014
    First, rearrange what is on the wall not to be in a straight line. Move the mirror to the right, then the shelf just up about a foot. Make the collection flow like a loop not a line. Hard to describe. Then, I agree with those that say you need a larger piece but another piece would also work if it complemented that small console. And yes, lose the flowers.
  • Nancy Hatcher Nancy Hatcher on Feb 09, 2014
    I agree, the small table is too small. I love the red theme you have going but the blue color just doesn't go. I would make a narrow,1ft, hall table that would fit from the edge of the carpet on the left to the corner of the wall. Add a second shelf high enough to not block the vent. Add some baskets for keys and other stuff. I'd paint it the same dark color as the frame and find a piece of fabric, scarf or tapestry that carries the red shades of your décor. I would remove the little shelf on the wall and put your accents on the table along with the vase and lamp. You could even put a pretty basket with a pad under the table to the right so your cat would have a bed. Good luck!
  • Ellie Corcoran Ellie Corcoran on Feb 09, 2014
    Turn rug horizontally. I would simply use a longer table and longer shelf. Lamp could stay on the table w/ plant. The simpler the better.
  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Feb 09, 2014
    Its the size of your display that is off. you need bigger table and more shelf..For the shelf either buy more of the same style and place 2-3 next to each other or go for one long one. You could even put 2 long shelves staggered on that wall. Its a cute table for another spot..
  • Linda Linda on Feb 09, 2014
    I agree that the red and the blue are competing with each other. Love the red. As for the floor vent, Lowe's has a plastic topper for this kind of situation, which will direct the flow outward. It is adjustable horizontally, and will have magnets in the base of it, to make it stay put. (Is that a colloquialism?) Lots of luck -- you have some great items!
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    • Bernice H Bernice H on Feb 09, 2014
      @Linda Thanks,Linda... I love my "stuff ". We do have the plastic vent directional flow thingy down there. Doesn't work that great tho especially if something is directly over it. yup, the blue was intended to become black at one time, long long ago in a galaxy far far away.... :( well isn't this least 3 of these did that happen???
  • Judy Adams Judy Adams on Feb 09, 2014
    Here is a few rules for a wall grouping.1. Always at sitting or standing eye level ,for the area chosen(your area is standing eye level ) 2. start on the left side with the larger focal piece ,hang to the right, with smaller pieces . 3.Always uneven numbers of items in the grouping ,3,5,7,9,Etc. . Same rule with the colors in a room,never just one color piece . always an uneven number . Brass to a room is as a smile to the face . . Before you make your arrangement, lay the items on the floor and move them around until you are pleased with the results and then hang them according to your floor arrangement . Blessings and wonderful fun .
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Feb 09, 2014
    Are you familiar with a glass blower ... Dale Chiluly? I LOVE HIS STUFF...JUST CAN'T AFFORD IT!
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    • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Feb 18, 2014
      @Jeanette S u ever get to either Dallas or Oklahoma City he has a permanent exibit there,,I can't remember which one..... His M-I-L is from there and bought it for the city after it finished traveling around the globe..... its worth an afternoon.....also the glass museum in TACOMA Wa.....
  • Carolyn Heltsley Carolyn Heltsley on Feb 09, 2014
    You need a sofa table..your table. Is too small. Move the red the right on the wall with flowers.on the table under the mirror. Move the iron piecce to the left. Place little shelf on top of iron work frame.. takethe hanging plant off the iron piece and use on larger table.. the lamp isout of place.. get a skinnier buffet.lamp or nice candle n . Place.on table. A low. 3.shelf book case will work as.well. less is more..
  • Ceiling Tiles By Us Ceiling Tiles By Us on Feb 10, 2014
    Hi Bernice! Found this photo on our instagram page. One of our customers used our PVC ceiling tiles, painted and framed them and used them as wall art. Very inexpensive and so easy to do. Check out or call us for more info and creative suggestions.
  • Cheri Dittler Cheri Dittler on Feb 10, 2014
    since it is your entry wall, why not put a long bench of some sort with peg rack above it to hang jackets, baskets, etc on. then you can hang some of your collectibles and or pictures over or under the peg rack.
  • M k M k on Feb 10, 2014
    While the vase is interesting it is too small. Let a vase help you though with pleasing appearance. Put the electric cord inside the vase not laying on the floor. (not a good idea if water in the vase) move the table to the right enough to move the vase to mask the wall outlet from view. the little rug looks like you vacuuming it and forgot to put it back. I really do like the vase but not here.
  • M k M k on Feb 10, 2014
    oh, you might want to put the cat on the bottom shelf of the table.
  • Nikki Nikki on Feb 16, 2014
    That is such a BEAUTIFUL vase! WOW! I love it! =)
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Feb 18, 2014
    He did an exhibit here in Atlanta at the Botanical Gardens, and "Earth Goddess" is now a permanent piece! I have not seen it, but will be going down there early summer.
  • Nikki Nikki on Feb 19, 2014
    He did one here in St. Louis too @Jeanette S it is Amazing, About 4yrs ago a friend of mine had his wedding there. It was beautiful =)
  • Debi Debi on Feb 19, 2014
    @Bernice H....Hi I'm Debi, and I am no expert. However, working with what you have, I would first, paint that wall a pale blue to make that the more dominant color in your arrangement. Then, move the table over the top of the vent to hide it and the outlets. You said the vent doesn't work that can close it or just leave the direction thing on top of it. Next, I would get the cat a "bed" in a black perhaps? It will show off the cat better. Move it closer to the door. Place your beautiful vase on top of the table, and bring in the black floor lamp from the other room. Start the rug along the wall where the cat is now, straight from the wall into the next room to meet the other rugs. Place the floor lamp on the rug where the cat is now. The flowers and the floor lamp will bring your eyes up from the floor to the center of your display. One more thing, bring in the circular iron piece from the other room and hang it above the cute shelf in the center. I think that will make the arrangement pop! and will seem less off center. What do you think?
  • Jennifer Pospichal Jennifer Pospichal on Feb 19, 2014
    You're getting a lot of good suggestions that fit a variety of design tastes, from "less is more" to "more is more". You seem to be thinking maybe you should shake things up a bit, but at the same time, I get a very strong feeling that you're pretty content with what you have. These are items that you love, and you love to have each one where you can see it regularly. You've said you're content with the balance. You have a door and a heat vent that you have to work around, and you certainly seem to feel that you've handled those challenges in the way that works best for you. Your wall has pizzaz already, and it's full of pretty things that make you happy. Are you sure you want to change it? My advice would be to keep what makes you happy! You could add a mirror backing to the iron piece on the right. That would give a matching element to the mirror on the left, it would reflect your glass spheres, and it would give a little bright spot and a change without taking away any of your treasures. Maybe tuck a couple peacock feathers in the vase... I'd say shop flea markets and second-hand stores in a leisurely manner, and if a console or sofa table jumps out and screams, "Pick ME!", go for it. Until then, enjoy what you have :)
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    • Jennifer Pospichal Jennifer Pospichal on Feb 20, 2014
      @Bernice H You don't have to remove the flowers in order to add a couple feathers. You could try them, and if the look doesn't please you, you could find them another home :) Have fun!
  • Glenna Glenna on Feb 20, 2014
    Ok, Bernice. Like Jennifer said, lots of good suggestions. So when are we going to see the finished wall? I'm dying to see what you were able to cull from the multitude of ideas. Show and tell time!!!
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    • Bernice H Bernice H on Feb 20, 2014
      @Bernice H I try to edit and the post flips all over the place....grrr anyway I am working on it I posted to Jennifer..and everyone. Just have to find a table. Or something. This is not the main wall of the living room. it is just what I see as we watch the tv god on the left. Unused door except for light in the summer. haha
  • Glenna Glenna on Feb 20, 2014
    Ok. Sorry. It takes too long to read all the responses on this app. Good that your post was popular, tho. I will wait patiently. I look forward to seeing the update!
  • Glenna Glenna on Feb 20, 2014
    Oh. And not sure if you read mine. You don't need to replace the table. As you wait for the "right piece" to come along, maybe you have another table you can add to the wall to give it volume. Maybe a little larger. Just my 2cents.
  • Trisha Martin Trisha Martin on Mar 10, 2014
    I feel like I am sounding like a mean person, I don't intend to sound that way. Edit Edit Edit. The ONLY piece you need on this wall is a small commode or a re-purposed dresser. Place your lamp with the wire hidden on the dresser. And perhaps save the mirror to hang on the wall. Get rid of all the throw rugs. That one on an angle looks so bad. Walk around your house and remove stuff. Put it away, keep only what you love. And change it out when you want a new look. Do NOT have every little ticky tackey item you own on display. Less is best.
  • Jennifer Pospichal Jennifer Pospichal on Mar 13, 2014
    I think what's best is actually what makes *you* happy in your own house. We all have different tastes, and that keeps things interesting.
  • Bonnie Lewenza Bonnie Lewenza on Mar 13, 2014
    If I were you I would center your table under your shelf, Then center your vase under your plant on the wall. By centering your table you will also hide the outlet, The vase carries down from your plant above. I think you would appreciate your wall a little more. Good luck.
  • L L on Dec 27, 2014
    I like what you have in this room. I would switch the long metal on the right to the left side, and place the left piece on the right side, with the shelf below it. The shelf either needs to be moved, or place taller items on it.
  • Vickie Miles Vickie Miles on Feb 23, 2015
    Your table is too small. The bench idea is genius! Long and narrow, with a beautiful mirror above or just a wooden peg strip would be so cute. I have a large mirror with pegs attached (thrift store find), and I hang pretty scarves, hats and umbrella's from it, and also seasonal items decorate it. I love your black accents, so I would place them(one on top of the other) above and to the side of a new mirror or peg strip! Good luck!