Turn Dollar Store Laundry Basket Into Wreath Form In 8 Easy Steps

This easy hack will save you time and money when making your own wreath!

By Hometalk Hits

Step 1: Grab a dollar store basket

The sizes available vary so choose your size depending on the size of wreath you'd like.

Step 2: Measure the basket

Find the halfway mark to ensure that you have enough room for the greens to pile up in the basket and not overflow.

Step 3: Cut the basket in half

Cut the basket making sure not to cut too close to the weave that the basket splits open.

Step 4: Begin filling the wreath

Use clippings from your garden. Be sure to place your basket with the top down and the weave facing up.

Step 5: Tie layers together with thin twine

This is where your wreath will begin to take shape.

Step 6: Remove the basket

Once you have at least 2 layers tied off, you can remove the basket, revealing your perfectly circle wreath!

Step 7: Hide the twine

To finish off me wreath and hide the twine and insert any flowers of your choice.

Step 8: Hang and admire!

You can hang it on your door, over your stove, or even place a candle in the middle to use as a centerpiece!

Use A Pool Noodle To Make A Beautiful Wreath

This ornament wreath is not only super customizable, but super easy too!

Step 1: Gather your supplies

You'll need 2 pool noodles, hot glue, duct tape, dried greenery, batter powered lights and lots of ornaments!

Step 2: Tape ends of pool noodles together

Take 2 pool noodles and tape two ends together with duct tape.

Step 3: Shape into circle, cut and enclose

Cut to the size you want your wreath to be and tape the two ends of the noodles together to enclose the circle.

Step 4: Hot glue large ornaments

Hot glue large ornaments to the outside of the noodle ring, being sure to give variety to the order.

Step 5: Glue ornaments to inner edge

Hot glue ornaments to the inner edge of the circle in the same manner.

Step 6: Cover noodle entirely with ornaments

Pile ornaments on the top of the noodle to cover up entirely. You can fill in small spaces with smaller ornaments.

Step 7: Add battery powered lights

Take a small wired battery powered light strand and wrap it around the ornaments and through the greens.

Step 8: Hang and admire!

It's better looking than we expected!

Transform Clothespins Into A Sunflower Wreath

Create a inexpensive and easy sunflower wreath from clothespins in 8 steps!

Step 1: Gather your materials

For this project you'll need clothespins, Rit Dye, wreath form, brown paint, flowers, burlap ribbon and twine.

Step 2: Prepare water and dye to soak in bowl

Cover the clothespins in water and 2 tablespoons or more of Rit Dye to reach your desired color.

Step 3: Soak for approximately 4 hours

Allow the clothespins to sit for around 4 hours depending on how dark you want them to be.

Step 4: Let them dry

Let the clothes pins dry completely. These took a little over 24 hours to dry stacked like this.

Step 5: Clip clothespins onto wreath form

On your wreath form, clip your clothes pins on the last wire all the way around.

Step 6: Clip on second layer

For your second layer, clip your clothes pins on the first and second wires all the way around.

Step 7: Apply brown paint on first layer

Paint brown acrylic paint on the the first layer a little over half way and make edges uneven to create that sunflower's center.

Step 8: Add flowers and ribbon

Add a burlap ribbon bow, and pull some sunflower heads off a bouquet and hot glue them onto your wreath.

Step 9: Add twine to hang!

Tie a piece of twine at the top for hanging. Your sunflower wreath is done for you to enjoy!