Wall "Art"?

50 Minutes
It was a few days before our annual Christmas party and we needed something on the interior wall of our living room... so we created a 3-piece set of wall "art".
Our livingroom and connected dining areas form a large L-shaped room. The room is large enough for us to comfortably paint each of the main walls it's own color. With the left over paint, we came up with what you see. We wanted something that could be hung anywhere, so each wall color is represented - the black is for interest. If we thought we were only going to hang it on one wall forever, we would have omitted that color from the paintings.
As we are not artists, we simply mimicked the pattern of the area-rug. We thought if it was good enough for the floor, it was good enough for the wall.
It certainly looks better in the evening than it does with natural daylight. The blue-gray lines of the hangings blend into the wall, so, at a quick glance, it appears to be one big hanging.
The paint was left over from painting our L-shaped living/dining room combo. It looks a lot like the area rug in the living room. We copied the pattern (no artists in the house).

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