What can I use to get rid of mold on siding & brick?

q what can i use to get rid of mold on siding brick
Mold on siding & Bricks!
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jul 29, 2017
    Use wet and forget a safe non toxic remover
  • Jul17686545 Jul17686545 on Jul 29, 2017
    We used a cup of bleach in a gallon of water and a scrub brush. Mold came right off.
  • Ginny Ginny on Jul 29, 2017
    Murphy's oil soap, stiff brush and high-powered hose.
  • Peg Peg on Jul 29, 2017
    Pressure washing it should remove it.
  • Lauri zaker Lauri zaker on Jul 29, 2017
  • Gail h Gail h on Jul 29, 2017
    I don't know for brick, but on vinyl siding use scrubbing bubbles😊
  • Sally Temple Ward Sally Temple Ward on Jul 29, 2017
    I used vinegar water to clean my eve spouts and the mold hasn't come back.
  • Susan Susan on Jul 29, 2017
    I use Awesome added to the water on my vinyl. scrub with a brush or broom then hose or pressure wash off. It comes in a spray bottle or 1/2 gal jug. I get mine at Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Walmart. Do not use on windows or other glass. Read the label.
  • B. Enne B. Enne on Jul 29, 2017
    I have used (and really like )their Mold Control, but have not tried the house and deck wash.
  • Jbu28281854 Jbu28281854 on Jul 29, 2017
    I have used cascade dishwasher powder, pour it in the power washer or make a watery paste and put it on with a brush. Let it set a day and wash it with a power sprayer or use a stiff brush and water. The cascade will keep the mold away also.
  • Jean  Geiser Jean Geiser on Jul 30, 2017
    Try Wet and Forget. It does not come off instantly but it works wonders in it's own time. I spray it on the moldy places on my house and it does an absolutely marvelous job.

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