Parchment Paper is Not Just for Baking.

If you're like me, you tackle projects that require different colors of paint. I've purchase many paint tray liners in the past. Yes, they aren't expensive, but I go through them quite fast. I also had an old metal paint tray that had some rust on it from washing it out so often. I didn't want that rust to be in my paint. So instead of using several different paint trays or having to constantly wash them out, you can use parchment paper to line your paint tray. It's quick and easy, and what I like to call "a life hack" to make our lives easier. It makes clean up a breeze! And of course, any way to save a little time during a project is a good thing!

Parchment paper also makes for a great crafting mat. Use it to line your work area. You can use it as tracing paper also.
Time: 1 MinutesCost: $2Difficulty: Easy
  • parchment paper is not just for baking
I had an old rusted paint tray laying around, binder clips from my home office and parchment paper from my kitchen. If you don't have binder clips laying around, you can use clothes pins.
  • parchment paper is not just for baking
Simply line the tray with the paper and use binder clips to keep it in place. And remember, if you don't have binder clips you can use clothes pins.
  • parchment paper is not just for baking
Here, I used some paint for a project. Another good thing with parchment paper, my roller doesn't stick to the paper and neither does the paint. After finishing with this color paint, it's time to go onto the next color.
  • parchment paper is not just for baking
Simply un-clip the binder clips, fold up the parchment paper and throw it away. Love the fact that there is no mess and not having to stop and wash out the tray in order to proceed to the next paint color.
  • parchment paper is not just for baking
Simple reline the paint tray with a clean peice of parchment paper. Don't forget the binder clips to hold it in place. And now you're ready!

I've learned so much from all of my fellow DIYers! Parchment paper and binder clips are what I had at my fingertips when starting my project. Now, I've seen more items that can be used. Many have commented with their own hacks! Now that's what I call thinking outside the box! Keep them coming! Thanks!

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Parchment paper
  • Paint tray
  • Binder Clips