Where do I get assistance in making my home handicap accessible

I am a disable scooter bound senior citizen income way below poverty level trying to find assistance in making my home handicap accessible so I can remain in my home instead of going to nursing home. My home is unsafe and I can't get in to so many rooms due to doorways are not wide enough for my scooter My flooring is unsafe as carpet is coming up in some area causing a safety issue. I have searched for grants with no luck, looked for local, state help with no success. I have searched everywhere except TV shows that come into home and perform miracles. i know this is not the kind of question you wanted but it is my way to get my need out there. I can't send any pictures as I just had a reverse left shoulder replacement and my son would not let me go home so I am recovering in him home which is a blessing. My plans are to go home after the 11th of August if you need pictures I would be happy to provide them. Have a Blessed Week

Janelle Rounsaville
505 Palais
Yukon, Oklahoma 73099

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