Why are White Cabinets so Popular?

Everywhere you turn, you see white custom-kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and other room cabinets dressed to the tone of white. This doesn’t mean that it is always what you see of course. It just means that it is very popular. So why are white cabinets so common? Here’s some insight on the reasoning behind it.

White Cabinets Brighten the Room
White is one of the brightest colors you can use on custom cabinets and it reflects light very well. Therefore, a room will look brighter at night and feel brighter during the day. What that means is that the ceiling lights will reflect and bounce around the light on surfaces at night and provide better coverage in certain areas so they are more visible.
t why are white cabinets so popular
t why are white cabinets so popular
During the day, the white color will blend with sunshine to create a brighter atmosphere compared to brown or black colors. If you were to walk into a room during the day that was all white and then do it again when it is all brown or black, you’d see the difference.

To put it another way, people feel a sense of happiness from white paint. Of course, that is not saying that it will cure the blues or make everyone nice. It just means that a positive atmosphere is created from the color white.
t why are white cabinets so popular
White Adds a Sense of More Energy
Similar yet not the same as sunshine, white brings out more energy vibes. In a brighter room, you’ll feel the difference. Take a walk in the old basement where the colors are darker and imagine spending a lot of time there during the day.

White Colors Show Dirty Spots Better
It may sound like a bad thing to be able to see dirt, grease, and other markings on white cabinets, but this helps to keep them clean. Darker cabinet colors tend to hide dirt more. It gives people a sense of cleanliness when they visibly know that their cabinets are clean. No eye straining required.

In addition, a cleaner or cleaning tool that ruins the surface is not a major catastrophe because the surface can easily be patched without a lot of effort to find the right match.
t why are white cabinets so popular
White is More Forgiving During the Painting Process
When painting custom cabinet doors, bases, boxes, and drawers… Or repainting existing ones, white can be more forgiving. Other colors tend to show imperfections more, especially on custom cabinet doors that have more of a flat surface. When people look at white cabinets, they usually won’t notice any areas with imperfections unless they are trying. They just see a lot of white on wood. This makes it easier for property management companies and rental owners as well.

Rental owners and property management companies commonly use white paint
for cabinets and other items, but the benefits apply to property owners as well.

White Blends with Almost Any Color Themes
When getting dressed in the morning, a white shirt pretty much goes with any pants or shorts in any color of choice. It is more of a universal color. The same applies to cabinets in any room. Of course, you may want some other items in a white tone to help it out a little, but it still mixes with blues, browns, blacks, pinks, and other colors in a room.
t why are white cabinets so popular
White Paint is Usually More Affordable
Any store that sells paint will ALWAYS have white options. White is a very common color. Therefore, it is often cheaper to get. For consumer products in general, items that sell like crazy can usually have a lower retail price to them because the stores and manufacturers sell a ton of them. However, some brands of paint will have the same pricing, whether you get a tint base and mix colorant into it or not.
But a lot of white paints are premixed and ready to go so they have a cheaper price tag.

Cabinet Touch-Up Tasks are Easier
If your cabinets were painted with the standard white color, it can be easier to match up the paint when you need more to touch up select areas from scrapes, dents, markings, etc. Since most paint colors are mixed by a machine, it can be difficult to find an exact match to what is already on your cabinets. That is perhaps also why property management companies and rental owners choose white. It’s simply easier to match up and repair areas in need when they need to.

Touching up white cabinets is certainly easier, but be sure to match up the gloss level too. If you are building custom cabinets or repairing existing ones and need to see the
options available, feel free to visit CabinetNow.com and explore all the cabinet boxes, doors, bases, drawers, and drawer fronts available.

  8 answers
  • Peg Peg on Jul 31, 2017
    White brings out the beauty of a room. White makes a room appear larger. White allows a person to use any color accents.
  • Betty Betty on Jul 31, 2017
    Why white. It is cheap to install. White paint over cheap wood. Wait a few year when wear starts to show. Think of what white woodwork will be like in a few year. Probably would be a good idea to be in the business of replacing this white stuff because you will not be able to strip it and why should you as only cheap wood is under the white paint.
  • Lorib1062 Lorib1062 on Jul 31, 2017
    White is synonymous with clean. Basically, just the fad of the year, it will be another color in a few months. Better to paint a color you love, your the one who has to look at them every day.
  • Charlee Hunter Charlee Hunter on Jul 31, 2017
    Because it's a very clean, crisp look along with making a possible dark area appear lighter.
  • Swinnen Lisette Swinnen Lisette on Jul 31, 2017
    You have free hand in choosing surrounding colours. From the trendy black or grey to shabby chic to stylish to pink or beige..... It combines very well with wood or marble or whatever... It is time less. Most of the time the white cabinet or vanity doors are the cheapest so not too costly to replace after x-years. Of course you will see any dirt on it more easily, but I prefer them above shiny black doors ugh !
  • Judy robertson Judy robertson on Jul 31, 2017
    It either makes a room look larger, cleaner or brighter, you choose.
  • KatAych KatAych on Jul 31, 2017
    We painted our wood cabinets a coconut color. I just got tired of the dark wood and wanted something to lighten up the room. But to each his own!
  • Marti Insall Marti Insall on Jul 31, 2017
    I like oak, and I like color. My kitchen is large.